Thursday, August 31, 2006

Crash your cool cars, kid, watch the citizens all gather 'round...

World Issues, again, eh... what have you got to say for yourself, World Issues?
Nothing but an hour of unsupervised computing.
Well, tragic as it is, I'm just going to have to make the best of it.
I missed blogging yesterday afternoon, cause I only got online for ten minutes or so. I could've gone on overnight, but I was just so tired. I felt like shit yesterday, and I kept nearly collapsing; it was so hard not to keep breaking down in tears. And it keeps happening, again, and again, and I keep feeling so utterly crap, and I don't even understand why...
"Hold on, feeling like I'm heading for a
Break down, and I don't know why"
Anyway... I was online for a few minutes yesterdee ahftahnewn, before the phone rang. And then I was on the phone until dinner, and I felt better. But I know it won't last, it never does, as soon as I hang up or he hangs up I fall back into the bad mood. It only takes half an hour or so, and I suddenly realise all the stuff I still have to do, school, cleaning my room, trying to keep up lighthearted conversation with teh family... and I'm just so tired. So damn tired of it all.
Shrug, sigh, on with the blogging.
Twas a good phone call anyway.
Very good.
My throat is like, pain.
Even when I'm not talking or breathing or swallowing it hurts. And we're out of strepsils. I'd say 'Eurgh...' but it'd hurt my throat...
I'm liking this song. The lyrics are amusing. I've heard it's about Perth. *shrugs* It was off a triple j CD, and they have a lot of Australian music. Twould make sense. It's a good song, wherever it's about.

Panda Band, The - Sleepy Little Deathtoll Town
We got pretty neon veins and streets straight and wide
All the surfers look the same and all the suburbs go for miles
Got bells in a tower that ring in every hour
Hangin round
In my sleepy little deathtoll town
We got readings from the good book and preachers going bad
Got drunks in the parks in their brown paper bags
The sailors hit the streets now to pick up any disease going round
In my sleepy little deathtoll town
And it rains down so damn hard in this city
Don’t it cleanse our souls man
Don’t they shine pretty like a crown
In my sleepy little deathtoll town
And all the girls are dreaming
Of screen stars and health spas
Of facials and massage
And all the boys
The boys just want the girls to settle down
In my sleepy little deathtoll town
And it rains down so damn hard in this city
Don’t it cleanse our souls man
Don’t they shine pretty like a crown
In my sleepy little deathtoll-
Life and death beach guards
Helping anyone who wants to drown
In my sleepy little deathtoll-
Crash your cool cars kids and watch the citizens all gather round
In my sleepy little deathtoll town

A few of the lines don't sound quite right to me, but hey. Like I thought it was 'laughing at the beach guards', rather than 'life and death beach guards'. But meh. Those lyrics are from here.
But I like the music, too. Not just the words. It's kinda odd, but I love odd. It sounds fun, and sorta clumsy. I like it. My sister hates it, but her music taste is like, limited to the extremitiness. She listens to about 20% of my music and about 5% of my parents' music, and nothing else. Oh, wait, she listens to Kelly Clarkson, too. My other sister - Freya - has awesome music taste, though. And so does her friend, Anna. Yay, go Anna. She has kick-ass music. It's teh awesome.
Anyway. So I'm sitting 'round blogging, listening to music and reading lyrics and stuffs. Sure, there's no way I'll get this assignment in on time, but I'm enjoying myself at the moment.
I'd still rather be at home. And my throat still hurts. And there's no phone or AIM here. But hey. It's the best I could hope for, considering I'm meant to be working.
I like this keyboard. It's soft and friendly and makes my typing sound quiet. I don't type particularly loudly or violently, unlike some people I know, but I do usually hit the space bar and enter key just a little more aggressively than necessary... Especially when I'm typing quickly. I love this keyboard, it's all easy and simple and I can turn around and talk without stopping typing.
So yeah. Becky's in Victoria, in some place that I barely know the name of, let alone know how to spell. Leaving me to be bored shitless and see even less point in coming to school. If anyone's ditching the last two lessons this afternoon, I'm going with them. I just need to get out of here, I can't stand it. I don't see any point in it, and I don't do any work anyway. But then, there's no real point in going home. I'll just sit around on the computer there and waste tim. Everything I do is wasting time. But what else am I meant to do with this 'time'? I don't have anything I really want to do, and everything I 'have' to do seems completely pointless. Meh...
I only came to school t'day cause I've got photography longline. Which is pretty cool. Didn't see Martin or Ethan before school, so I was a bit worried they might not be here, which would leave me to be bored crapless in photography, cause there'd be nobody at all to talk to. But I saw Martin just before, when he was going to maths or something. So at least he's here. Becky and Martin are probably my favourite people at school. And Madeleine. Probably Toby, too. If you end up reading this, you guys, you rock. You're awesome. You're practically the only good thing about school. Thanks for making it bearable. Jess, you'd be on there, but I talk more to you on the bus than actually at school. You're awesome too, though =P You're just not in any of my classes, 'cause you're not in my grade. Though you know that... meh.
Anyway... I really didn't want to be here for this lesson or Outdoor Ed, but there's nothing better to do. And I wouldn't mind going to English, cause Madeleine's there. Which just leaves Japanese. Which is gonna be shit. Cause there's some reading test, and I don't even know what's going on there. I don't even care anymore. I know I'm going to get really crap grades this semester, but I just can't make myself care. I know I will care, when I get my report, though. But I still can't motivate myself to do anything. Sigh, shrug, more random nonsense.
"Knock the world
Right off its feet and
Straigh onto its head
The book of love
Will long be laughing after
You are dead
By the look of you and
What was said"

And gosh, the spinny joy of talking to wonderful people! I would so much rather be at home right now. People who I'd really love to be talking to right now - Edward, Josh, David, maybe Isis, maybe that cricketty guy... even Becky... I need some laughter. I need to just sit around and feel good; I haven't done that in so long. Or so it feels. I know, I'll read back, and see I was happy a week ago, but I go up and down, y'see, and I'm currently down. I can get temporarily happy by talking to people, but the overall mood at the moment is down. I'll be up again in a week or so, if I'm lucky. But even then I'll know I'll be down again. It's so stupid... but meh.
Anyway... recess... food, yay... I'm teh offskis. May or may not edit this later. Depending on whether I run out of things to do or not. Meh. Buh byes.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Oh, the wonderment of edumacation!

Yello all.
World Issues, eh.
Good god, it's so damn boring... I was sooooo tempted to wander across the oval and go home instead of it...But no. I'm a good girl. Also I wasn't sure what classroom/lab we were gonna be in, and if I had no idea what room we were in, it was gonna be obvious I wasn't there. Damn logic.
Poor, poor Billy...
And along came Jimmy the Pineapple Man and **ate your hat**...
To be replaced with a green shoe.
A green shoe of Mongolian descent.
I am soo bored...I was sitting next to Toby and near Cameron in assembly t'day, and Toby kept clapping at inappropriate moments, so Cameron'd slap him, then Toby'd slap back, and they were having like, slap wars... silly boys.
I finished my maths assignment in Japanese, hurrah, and handed it in in maths. And I got 82% for that maths test. The one which I learned all the formula and rules for the night before the test... so that was pretty good. I mean, I coulda done better, but not with the small amount of preparation I put into it.
Recess was pretty boring, and passed pretty quickly.
Long line science was meh. We had this grumpy relief teacher, who I may have been ever so slightly impolite to.
Lunch was pretty cool. I stole Alex's beanie and he picked me up by my ankles and tipped me over, so there was a lot of shrieking and giggling there... and... um... Toby decided he was a stud, an Farnham and Emmanuel both like Kristy, it's like, nerdy love triangle to the max, and... um... I stole Alex's beanie again, and he tried to pick me up again, but I didn't fall over, and then he fell over, and we both landed on Toby, whose hat Alex stole as ransom or his beanie. So I went to give back the beanie, and then I stole Toby's hat back and kept the beanie, but then I gave that back to Alex. Cause I didn't really want it, I was just sorta knda hyperactive a lot.
Outdoor Ed was boring... I coloured a piece of paper all swirly and colourful-like...
Yeah... boreded... *giggles* Madeleine had 'wakey-wakey juice' before school and in maths. i.e., Red Bull. Man, that's like, awesomeity. It's like caffeine in a liquid form. And it tastes sparkly.I like sparkles.
You're a sparkle.
But I'm more sparkly.
Poor Billy.
Jazzy giraffes're just jaded jackals who jog jauntily to jail in January.
Man I'm bored.
Sustainable characteristics of entertaining edible elephants eerily.
Pure boredom in the form of a mindless class.
Teddy bears are cuddly.
I love mah teddy bear =)
As if that isn't a sideways mushroom. =)
See? Tilt your head to the right, rather than the left, and it looks like a mushroom.
Like ninja pirates.
Well, almost.
Pointy duckies.
Poor Billy. Poor, poor Billy. He never did nothing wrong, neither...
Well, apart from being 'silly'.
But nevertheless.
Tsukue ga ski desune...
*pout* Running out of time.Aww. =(
Meh, That means I can go home! ^^Fuck yeah!Squeeeeeeeeeee!
*runs away*

Monday, August 28, 2006

Magic Beach - Alison Lester

At our beach,
at our magic beach,
we swim in the sparkling sea,
surfing and splashing
and jumping the waves,
shrieking and laughing with glee.

Wild white horses are thundering past,
racing to get to the land,
plunging and prancing and tossing their heads,
then fading away on the sand.

At our beach,
at our magic beach,
we play in the sand for hours,
digging and building,
with buckets and spades,
invincible castles and towers.

The king and queen are trapped in the moat,
a dragon is spitting out flames.
Princess Belinda is charging the beast
to rescue little Prince James.

At our beach,
at our magic beach,
we search in the clear, warm pools,
peering at starfish,
limpets and crabs,
and tiny fish darting in schools.

Into the Kingdom of Fishes we go,
riding on sea-dragons' tails.
Angelfish ferry a cargo of pearls
past creeping convoys of snails.

At our beach,
at our magic beach,
we walk when it's cloudy and grey,
looking for driftwood,
feathers and shells
washed up on the edge of the bay.

A leather-bound chest with buckles of brass
lies tossed on the sand by the tide.
As we push back the lid we are dazzled by light
from the glittering treasure inside.

At our beach,
at our magic beach,
we rock in the tangerine boat,
paddling out to the end of the line,
then drifting back to the float.

The wind fills our sails as we follow the sun,
and the look-out's eyes are keen.
We'll navigate over the edge of the world
to islands where no-one has been.

At our beach,
at our magic beach,
we laze on the jetty and wait,
watching the watery shadows below
for something to nibble the bait.

A monstrous shark has taken the hook,
it's struggling hard to break free,
thrashing and crashing and fighting the line
as we drag it in from the sea.

At our beach,
at our magic beach,
we bask in the glow of the fire.
The moon makes a silvery path
on the sea,
and the waves come to shore with a sigh.

A beacon is signalling up on the cliff,
an answer blinks from the bay.
Smugglers are hauling in crate-loads of rum,
then silently stealing away.

At our beach,
at our magic beach,
the old bed is cosy and wide.
To the sounds of the ocean
we sleep through the night...

...adrift on the evening tide.

For those of you who read my MSN spaces blog, yeah, I posted this there, too, but I'm posting it again here, 'cause here is better.
I wanna try and make a blogskin out of it if I have a lot of spare time some time... Cause I'd have to make the picciness on the laptop, then flash drive ify it onto this computer to upload it and yada yada yada. But I still might. It'd make a good blogskin. I love that story/poem thing. Lots of good memory association thingies. Father used to read it to me when I was little and tiny and stuff. When I were naught but a wee lassy. Beautiful story. Nice pictures, too, but they're all non-digitallified and stuff, so.
Anyway, that's me done. Night-nights y'all.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Mm... music... I anti(pronounced, for this moment, the American way)-sneakily downloaded a whole three more songs t'day, resulting in the temporary explosioin of this computer... I tried to get...
One Week - Barenaked Ladies
Mrs Robinson - Simon & Garfunkel
Bright Lights - Matchbox 20
I got all three, and then One Week got eaten by a retarded flash drive, hiss, boo. But like, music, man. It's awesome. I was listening to Mrs Robinson, and humming, and mother looked at me funny, so I gave her an earphone, and man, you shoulda seen her face. She's like, "But... you can't listen to this... this is my music!" and I'm like, "Pfft, not anymore." And it was good.
But yeah...
§Baby, baby, baby
When all your love is gone,
who will save me?
From all I'm up against
out in this world
And maybe, maybe, maybe
You'll find something that's
enough to keep you
But if the bright lights
won't receive you
You should turn yourself
around and come on home§
§I got a hole, in me now
I got a scar I can talk about§

Oh, man, I'm bored.

Like, really, really bored.


I really have nothing at all to say.
I might edit this later, when I can think of something to say... Otherwise, nighty-night.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Of hazelnut drinks and bowing waiters...

No piano lesson this morning, cause Philip's daughter was sick...
World Issues first... fucked that up... 'm too behind to catch up, now... and I wanted to do well in that... oh well...
Photography... sat around and felt like shit, tired, sick, stomach hurting, and completely ignored by Becky and Martin while they flirted...
English... Slept and cried... no work...
Saw teh doctor-lady at lunch... she doesn't know what's up with my stomach... so no help there... getting some blood tests, again, some time soon... I had like, a million in January last year...
Steak sandwich and hazelnut hot chocolate for lunch.... cost like, twenty-five bucks, 'm glad mother paid, though I felt guilty... the waiter was like, hyperactive... I swear, he was bouncing around and everything.... pretty cute, though...
Eurgh... got home... shower'd... piano'd... attempted to do some maths assignment and failed... watched some random TV movie...
Curled up and cried for a bit...
I feel like shit. I've been looking at myself, and it's like I'm not a person... like I have no personality, nothing special, nothing intriguing, nothing to make me 'me', just some stupid chick with a fucked up mind... nothing seems to mean anything to me anymore, and I certainly don't mean anything to anyone... I'm so... blank... like... I know I'm not stupid, I just... being smart doesn't mean anything to me anymore... I know I'm not really ugly, I just feel ugly, and I am plain, so boring... I know I'm not a completely bad person, but I'm not a good person, not interesting, not even curious about things anymore...
God... it's so fucked up...
I have ups and downs. I've been so up, so high on nothing for the past week or so, and suddenly I'm coming down, and fast, and I feel like shit, and I need somebody to cling to, and there's no one. And it feels so crap.
I sat, on the floor, with the lights off, for an hour before. I just sat and stared at nothing and told myself how fucking stupid I was.
Shit, man. It's not cool...
I can't sleep, either...
Though I suppose I should try...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Enlightenment in the Form of Yellow

The New OXFORD Treasury of Children's Poems says...

I meant to do my work today --
But a brown bird sang in the apple tree,
And a butterfly flitted across the field,
And all the leaves were calling me.

And the wind went sighing over the land,
Tossing the grasses to and fro,
And a rainbow held out its shining hand --
So what could I do but laugh and go?
[I Meant To Do My Work Today -
Richard le Gallienne]

Give me your name, and I wil...

Whisper it into the forests,
Spell it out in the sands,
I'll shout it over the thunder,
Breathe it away on the wind.
I'll spill it over the mountains,
Let it echo through the rain;
I'll sing it into a seashell,
If you'll give me your name.
[Give Me Your Name -
Judith Nicholls]

She's good at everything
And everybody says she is.

I'm good for nothing
And you keep on telling me.

I wish you'd sometimes say
I'm good at something.

It's not my fault I don't like
Anything she's good at.

Why do you keep on telling me
What everybody says?

Who is everybody anyway?
It's all your fault.
[Everybody -
John Mole]

Save me a clean stream, flowing
to unpolluted seas;

lend me the bare earth, growing
untamed flowers and trees.

May I share safe skies
when I wake, every day,

with birds and butterflies?
Grant me a space where I can play

with water, rocks, trees, and sand;
lend me forests, rivers, hills, and sea.

Keep me a place in this old land,
somewhere to grow, somewhere to be.
[A Green Prayer -
Jane Whittle]

"It wasn't your fault,
It was just the way
That things turned out
And I don't know why."

[from The Silence -
John Mole]

Mm... maths test this morning. May have mentioned my kick-ass studying technique of looking at the formulas required for the first time the night before the test.... didn't actually have too much trouble, pleasantly enough. Science was boring. Ice skating was pretty good. I have the most utterly sexy
rainbow socks evarr. Well, I sort of stole them off of mother, but that isn't the point... World Issues was meh. Photography was pretty damn awesome. Doing a great project with some pretty good quality photos. The panorama worked out well. Is all goodness.

Got home... internetted for hald an hour or so... and talkeded on teh phone for a few hours... mm... phone... =) Yay. Heheh. Anyway.
Talked to littlest siblings and let them listen to my music, as well as look through my awesomely awesome photos... but only the ones on the wall.
Became temporarily obsessed with a book of children's poems. Dinner'd, shower'd, scribbl'd.
And now I'm online. I was just gonna come online for a bit, blog, finish up game turns on some games I left unfinished earlier, see who was online, maybe talk if anyone interesting was online... yeah. But like, I found this page, full of colours, so that's keeping me entertained for a while. And although there is only one person online, I'm not feeling very talkative, and he's talking enough to be amusing.
Sigh. Tired. I'm gonna run out of things to do soon, and then I'll be off.
Tomorrow's pizza day. Awesomeity. I'm feeling pretty happy, even though I'm quite tired. Had a good day, good ice skating, good photography, good phone call... very good phone call... and like... good TV was on... funny TV... Mm, well... I went right ahead and ran out of things to do, like I said I would.
So, I'm off.
Nighty nights, little toadstools.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

How spiffy...

Spiffy sparkles of calculating trees, with the lollipops and omnipotent spirals, swirling and fishing for cubes. A box of tissues, a golfball, and a cat.

So, like, I was standing in my doorway, right? I'd stopped for some reason, and suddenly my bed just went... fllooerp... like when you pull the plug out of a bath. And it sort of... swirled. Understandably, that freaked me out somewhat. So I watched it for a bit, to see if it'd do it again. It didn't. Until I started to relax. Then shworlp, spiralling again. I spent a few minutes staring at it and watching it spin like that before I came to the conclusion that I was most definitely not sleeping in it.

So, like... today? Man... I dunno bout that... sounds a bit... iffy... spiffy sparkles. They were pretty cool. Like, sure, they weren't really there, but they were pretty cool none-the-less.

I did the PISA testing thing. Easy. Bored the crap out of me. Becky, as an act of rebellion, went to class instead. I managed to convince the guy in charge to let me out early so I could go on the photography excursion. That was pretty damn cool. Got some pretty good photos, especially a panorama from the Red Hill lookout... Becky and I were the second group to the top, which is pretty good, and slightly amusing, because we're always the last or second last ones up in outdoor ed...
So I was trying to explain to Becky how mother is trying to get me to take these random tablets to stop me being hyper, and like, halfway through she goes, "Yeah, sorry, wasn't listening cause I'm not really interested."
Right. So now I know who not to turn to when I'm having trouble understanding myself. Thanks for clearing that up...

Anyway... English... watched more movie... scribbled more... Japanese... watched more random anime thing... scribbled even more...

My stomach is in so much fucking pain. It's been getting worse since yesterday. Mother's been promising to take me to the doctor's since Sunday. I don't know what it is, and it's really sore... I don't like it...


Saw some sky-diving guy landing on the oval on the way home. He seemed to be having trouble packing up the parachutey thing, and I was going to go over and offer help, but he looked kind of evil, so I didn't.
Got home... internetted... not much interesting... Josh was sick, silly boy either was drunk or had been drunk the night before... or something... judging by the time I think it was, it would probably've been the latter. Tsk, tsk. Meh, not my business, really, so... meh...

I'm tired.
Nobody is online.
Literally, nobody. Nobody on AIM, nobody on MSN.

I want to find some way of scanning the back pages of my English and maths books. I may have mentioned this. Quite a few times, most probably. But meh. I really do. The patterns in black and white on the second last page of my English book are really cool. I want to fill in all the remaining white space - not much, actually, as I've been writing crap as well - with the same patterns, but extended further out from the centre, so they all connect. Jess and Mel, you've seen my books. You should know what I mean. Mel has, anyway. I don't remember if Jess has...

The word of the day is Spiffy. Used in a sentence: Caitlin is Teh Spiffy.
Also: That calculator Bridie stole/found/borrowed is a pretty new, spiffy, model.
As well as: Sparkles are pretty damn spiffy.

I want a sparkly pet frog. That'd be pretty spiffy. I also would very much like a pet star. I found this pretty tuft of grass on the oval at school one day... I married it cause it was so pretty... but then I had to leave it cause the lunch bell rang... I was going to pull it out and bring it home and plant it in a pot and water it every day and dote over it, but I couldn't find it the next day. Sad.

Apparently I'm going to marry Toby, but I can't remember why... Heh, good old Toby... our farmer boy. He was confused by how to use my eraser during the test t'day, and he's like, "Yeah, us Bungendore-ians don't get this kinda technology often..."... pretty funny, if you know what/where Bungendore is. He was joking, though. To give him all due credit, it was a very complicated eraser.

I really would like a lollipop... or some pocky... I like pocky... It's fun...

Giggle. Magical ducky. Love that magical ducky... Fun, man. Fun...

I'm really feeling quite rainbow and spirally. But not hyper kind of rainbow and spirally, just woozy sort of swirly and fally overy sort of rainbow and spirally...
Sort of... weurh... eurph. Like... ner...
I think it may be bed time.
Though I shall have to be rather wary of that bed...
Maybe I can sleep on the floor or sofa in here...
Meh. Either way.
Nighty night all.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Quite Contrary...

Mary, Mary, quite contrary
How does your garden grow?
With silverbells and cockleshells
And pretty maids all in a row.

Sooooo... I finished a pretty big sciencey assignment in like, half an hour last night, without breaking down and going all tantrummy once. I'm preeeetty dang proud of m'self =)

So this stupid PISA test thing, it's tomorrow, and because of it I miss an in-class essay in outdoor ed, and this big excursion up Red Hill for photography, on which the next couple of weeks of work are based. And it's fucked up, cause it's not even a school-based thing, and it's screwing around with my damned schooling.

But yeah... Missed the bus, cause the printer was all slow and wouldn't print my sciencey thing... Photography was pretty good. I think I did pretty well on the last project; a panorama using photomerge. English was meh. Watched part of Looking for Alibrandi movie... Japanese was also meh. Started a new page of scribbley colours in the back of my English book... I made some pretty damn awesome black and white patterns... Maths, I kept scribbling in my book, ignored the teacher, stared at my hand, normal stuff. Science... uh... kinda don't remember... Madeleine's eyes went all funny or something and her vision went all fcuked up, so she went down to sick bay...

Meh... got home... stacked dishwasher, tried to hide from screaming children... I'm kinda tired... Bit of a late last night, though I don't regret it.
Hm... I'm all... bah. I'm kinda noticing some major mood-swings. Like, huge highs, and some pretty fucked up lows. And through it all is this stupid feeling of not caring. It's like, "Yeah, I can see there's something fucked up with how I am, and I can see it's not good, but like... who gives a damn." And when I'm up, it's like, I don't care, cause I'm happy, and even then I can see that it's not real happiness, it's just hyperactivity. I mean, I feel good, but through the feeling good I can see that it won't last. And then when I'm down it's all... I can see the not caring even more, and it's just like... it's not worth the effort. Nothing is. And like... it's not cool. Not cool at all. But the feeling, that amazing feeling of being so utterly high for no reason at all... it's sort of addictive, and I just keep hoping I'll be like that again soon. And I know I shouldn't, and I know it's not good, but I do. Meeeeh... is not cool.

Aaaayneevayz. Heating isn't working, and it was like, two degrees this morning. So hard to get out of bed when it's cold like that. But is all good, cause I've stoleded this electric heater thing. It's incredibly noisy, but at least it stops my feet going numb. Anyways, I is off. Take care, childerbeast. *rolls away backwards*

Sunday, August 20, 2006


I'm feeling a little random right now. Random like armies of clockwork mice. And the inedibilty of green.
My sister is going insane over painting her room. She wants to paint it this colour, which I think is a little... weird. But hey. There's a possibility that we'll all get to paint our rooms this coming holidays. That'd be pretty cool... I want to paint a tree in one corner, and have stars on the ceiling, and like, sunset colours round the walls... and I want to hang sparkly things off the ceiling, and... and... have my photos all in a pretty frame thing... and I want matching bed linen. Don't tell me I'm obsessive compulsive, but if I don't have matching bed linen, I get grumpy. I like white sheets. I like neat beds. And I keep my coloured pencils and textas in order. But on a larger scale, my room looks like it's been hit by several cyclones and a bunch of psychopathic bananas...
And like, it all gets funny when you add the colours. I like it. It's fun.
But hey. And then the golfball twisted into a spiral, and ate the cube. What cube, you ask. Ah, and to that I have no answer but potato. The potato. Like, The Potato. That one. Yes, that one. You watch out, you pigletted antelopes... And then they dance. That's the dangerous part. Hoo, boy. I'ma wanna spin in those shiney circles soon. And it all breaks down at the... something... got the muse in my head, she's universal... Lyrics, to something, some song, on some paper, that I've never heard. And the other one, in orange. I don't know, but I don't like healthy food.
Giggle, gaggle, gosling. And who doesn't like baby ducks? Nobody, I tells ya, nobody.
And the music. Can't let go of the music. It's stuck in my head. Like... elemental elephants.

Take me on a trip upon your magic swirlin' ship,
My senses have been stripped, my hands can't feel to grip,
My toes too numb to step, wait only for my boot heels
To be wanderin'.
I'm ready to go anywhere, I'm ready for to fade
Into my own parade, cast your dancing spell my way,
I promise to go under it.

It's... Music. I found the piano music for Mr Tambourine Man in a book t'day. It also had American Pie. Apparently, "It's Easy To Play Folk". I beg to differ. It's easy to play folk as it's written in that book, because there are no chords, no harmonies, no anything that makes music music. It's basically a choir book, for piano. Stupid thing.
I can see the light out over the valley. The sun's half-set, and the hills and houses are all... orange-ish... Sun-tinted...
And lo, on the hill, the shepherds beheld a lone sheep, bathéd in the golden halo of a sunrise. They lookéd upon the sheep, and the sheep said to them, "My shepherds, follow me, and I shall show you some wonderful grass." And so, the shepherds followed the sheep, and all were seated in a circle. The first shepherd saw that the grass was indeed wonderful, and ate it. The second shepherd saw that the first shepherd was indeed wonderful, and killed him out of spite.
The moral of the story is thus. Do not, under any circumstances, follow a sheep that talks to you.

The plural of moose is 'moose'.
It should be 'meese'.
Hey, Mr Tambourine Man, play a song for me, I'm not sleepy and there is no place I'm going to...

And the skyline is purple. I said that, to Izzy, and she thought I was on drugs. But it is. It's the tiniest beginnings of a sunset.
And I got 'randomly selected' by some government thing to take some test thing. So basically, they're all fucking government spies. It's a conspiracy. Seriously. And they're offering a free gift, healthy snack, and the results I get. Maaaaan that sucks. As if healthy food is going to make up for being forced to do some random test that I have to do cause I'm a genius.
Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be.

I want to fly. I really wish I could fly. I want to sit in a cloud, and I want to spit on my maths teacher, and see things, see everything. I want to fly... north-west.

So this is the test I have to do... Oh, joyous joy of not giving a damn.
Meeeeeh... well. I'm off, catapault the crazéd sock of entirely opportunistic man-eating kangaroos. Where? Oh, you missed it. Then the marsupial television set off colours, and the sparkles came again.
I'm off. Buh byes *waves*

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Arg, the pain, the pain of I-don't-know-what...

Firstly, pain.
Secondly, ouch.
Thirdly, Oh, fuck, the agony.
And then the screaming.

My stomach hurts. I poked it and that didn't make it any better. I took a few panadol and they've worn off. I need Pocky, or a person with a similar effect to Pocky. And I need it/them now.

But it's okay, because IIIIIIIIIIII am Caitlin. As such, I am several times better than you. Unless... Unless you're one of the following people:
Edward, Becky, Izzy, Martin, Toby, Dane, Josh, Madeleine, Freya, Anna (Freya's friend), Hannah (also Freya's friend), Talea (another of Freya's friends), or.... nah, that seems to be about it. Well, maybe Jess and Mel are awesome, but that isn't the point.

I got 80% on Dane's musicology quizzle. Therefore, I win. Hey, I passed, di'n I? Close enough to winning.

And I cut up my hand pretty badly t'day. I decided to be a sunshiney little good girl and go on The Picnic with The Family, and like... man. I was throwing this tennis ball around with father, and I did this most amazingly spectacular dive, and fucked up my hand by landing on this piece of glass. But I can still type, play piano, read, and operate meh ipod, so is all cool. I also managed to fill my shoes with gravel and dead insects without even removing my feet first. As well as spending a good half hour or so staring at eucalyptus leaves.

They smell nice. Gum leaves. I got back from Japan in September last year, and the first thing I said was, "Dude, it smells like shit over there.". For a couple of weeks afterwards I'd stop and smell gum leaves everytime we passed a tree. They smell, like, clean. Which is pretty damn cool. I wanna smell like a tree.

Freya and I were sitting around watching mindless crappy TV for no reason, and completely and utterly out of the blue, she just says,
"So... the doctor tied my belly button in a knot."
Like she just realised that's how y' get belly buttons.
And like... whatever happened to, "So, nice weather, eh?"? What's all this belly button nonsense? She's like... she's pretty cool, actually. But like... no belly buttons.

And still no cheese for Caitlin.
I went to the shops with mother. She spoiled herself.
She bought a property magazine and a bunch of bananas.
Bananas are like, the most expensive things evarr right now.
But no-o-o, I wasn't allowed to get mozzarella.
Bananas and magazines for mother, but no cheese for Caitlin.
Oh, the injustice of it all.

So like, tissues, man.
I want to colour in this tissue, but my textas are in my room. And like, effort.

I am in so much pain right now. It's funny. No, seriously, it's funny. I'm laughing. It hurts. My stomach is doing some retarded thing. It's like a stitch in this little concentrated area of pure pain. And the painkillers are downstairs. Fcuk. But I can ignore it by trying to make myself hyper. Pain does not exist while I'm hyper. Oh, it's great. But I still want Pocky.
Gotta love Japanese confectionery.

But not licorice allsorts. Not even licorice. I hate it. Like, more than... um... oh, hey, I found my maths book... It's so full of crap. I want to scan the back page of this and my English book. I like my English book better, but this one's more random.

Hush, now, whisper who dares.

Wow, lullabies can sound so threatening.

Ah, well. I'm bored of this. Night all.

Friday, August 18, 2006

I swear, I'm not on drugs!

Fuuuuuuuck yeah!
I'm so fucking hyper.
Seven people accused me of being on drugs today, including two teachers and a random on the bus.
But no.
I ish not on drugs. I hash nevah been on drugs. I ish jusht like thish on my own.
Heheh. Heh. Heheheheh.
Me: *hums happily and colours her hand in, bouncing and being hyper*
Madeleine: Hehe, Caitlin's all stoned...
Me: Oh, crap, I'm dribbling! Huh? Did you just say I was stoned?
Her: *cracks up*

Oh, man. I love Pocky. Third, no, second most awesome thing in the world. I'm afraid it beats even chocolate. *spins* I'm soooo hypeeeeerrrr! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeheeh!

§Someday we'll find it
The rainbow connection
The lovers, the dreamers and me§

Oh, man. Happiness kicks fucking arse. I mean, like, I think I'm a fuck up school again this semester, but I don't care, I can't care, I'm happy, and I haven't been really, truly happy in so long.
It's great.
So damn great.
And I feel so damn good. I love this. I don't even know why it is. Well, not much... but like... man. Great. Love it. Whatever it is.

So yeah.
Yesterday... teacher strike, as I mentioned, so. Got up reasonably early - eight-thirty-ish. Took Freya down to Woden to meet Hannah, cause she was too paranoid to go by herself, played piano, listened to music, sat around online, and fuck yeah, phone call. Damn good one at that. Great fun, great fun.

Yeah, not much, really.
My hands are awesome. One rainbow, one black and white. May have mentioned this, but they're damn sexy hands. Stripey, man. Like, stripey. And colours. I love colours. Awesome.

Must be off. People to ignore, colours to watch, y'know. Buh byes.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Christianity, eh...

While I was at it, I had to post this one, too.

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

Musical Instruments...

Heh... heh... heh... One for the 'piano-er's out there. To use Dane's word.

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

Oh, the joy of 'Mathletics'...

Yataa! I'm 'upposed to be doing wonderful interactive ~online~ maths! Fun fun fun!!



I am sooo.... bored...

I only have five minutes though. I got a white card in photography, ooh, such a rebel. Mr Calder was going on and on about 'rolling on the floor with Martin', which, might I note, I was most definitely not doing. I was trying to take a photo of his hair. So I could edit it and make it even boofier. Because he was editing photos of me and stretching my nose. *pout*

Four minutes. Go, me, go!

I had Sonata in C major stuck in my head all through Japanese. Man, that was fecking annoying, that was. And now I have Minuet in D stuck in my head. Oh, fun fun fun. Grumble, mumble, stab rip stab.


I stole Becky's MakePovertyHistory band! Hurrah! I had her ring earlier, but I traded that and her pen fo the band.


Argh... being distracted by cooking zombies... Graaaaaaiiinns... you'll probably only get that if you'd heard the real joke before. =P Vegetarian zombies...


Got to go.

Will edit later. Hugs to y'all happy pink people.

[Edit: Will edit even later. I don't like this random pink font, but I can't be bothered changing it.]

[Second Edit: Aha! Tis later!]

Okays. I'm sitting around bored, now. Well, I would be bored, if it weren't for my loverly and ser-mexy BLACK BOOKS DVD!!!! *exclamation mark to the power of twenty-three*

Oh. My. God. Fuck I love this show! Bernard is great. Dylan Moran is sooo funny! Look him up on YouTube. Seriously. Do it. Now. Or I shall set my fellow obsessive fan, Josh, on you. Infidels.

Anyway, there's a teacher strike tomorrow. One thing to say to that. Fuck yeah. No school. My plan is to sleep till eleven, then sit on the computer for the rest of the day. Unless I find someone to talk to on the phone. Then I'll spend all day on the phone. Which would be so damn great...

Anyway. I'm off now. Buh byes.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Re-reading that, it kind of looks like I was on drugs or something... I'd just like to point out that drugs are bad, children, and I in no way encourage them... Oh, the other thing.

I'm pasting this here because I have no where else to paste it, and the person I want to show it to isn't online right now. I'll probably delete it once I've shown thingo.

"YourPixieBuddy says: (3:54:56 PM)
how's australia for ya

::Caitlyn:: 3 :: Teh Queen ::  :: You're just, blowing my mind again :: §t.h.a.n.k..y.o.u.§ :: says: (3:55:00 PM)

YourPixieBuddy says: (3:55:05 PM)

::Caitlyn:: 3 :: Teh Queen ::  :: You're just, blowing my mind again :: §t.h.a.n.k..y.o.u.§ :: says: (3:55:09 PM)

YourPixieBuddy says: (3:55:14 PM)

::Caitlyn:: 3 :: Teh Queen ::  :: You're just, blowing my mind again :: §t.h.a.n.k..y.o.u.§ :: says: (3:55:44 PM)
Meaning I'm feeling kind of shit at the moment and I'd really rather you didn't try to make me talk when I would have thought it was obvious I didn't want to."

Uhkays. Have fun with whatever it is all you silly k----nig-hts do.

Screw you Ted. Screw you to hell.

Oh, people! I am so fed up with you! All of you, every single one, yes you and all that crap. I don't know... I mean... man... it's like, sometimes I just completely give up on the world, like... people have fucked things up, and all... war, and poverty, and all this crap... and all this complete and utter stupidity, all the ignorance, the hypocrisy and bigotry and CRAP. What the hell?! I mean... you may as well go get raised by a pack of wild wolves, if it's civilisation you're after - you'd get more of it from them... Scientific study thingies have shown the elephants, dolphins, and chimpanzees care about each other just as much as humans do. Now I think that's bullshit. They'd care more. These study things, in the newspaper, they say that if an elephant is sick and dying, other elephants come gathering round and trying to help, and elephants from other herdy things and everything. Where is that with the people? Like... man. It's like... these elephants, they aren't racist, they don't discriminate against elephants from other herdy things. But even now, 21st century, in places like America, England, and Australia, places you'd hope were 'civilised', you've got cases with doctors who won't treat black people, or women who can't get a job unless they sleep with someone, or, God, I don't know, but fuck, man. What the fuck is with all the goddamn discrimination?! Gaaah! And other inarticulate noises of frustration!


Despite my increasingly low opinion of the world, there are still good people out there. Everytime I start to give up completely on people, along comes one person, who makes up for all the crap everybody else does. All you people like that, you're all great. Like, truly, wonderful people. Of the people I know, it's not just my friends who I think are great like this. It's like... eurgh, I don't even remember what I was saying... I don't know... Edward, you're one of those people. Josh, maybe you too. Becky, probably. Toby I suppose, though I'm not necessarily really close to him... and he probably won't read this. Hehe, farmie boy... But like... merf... my head hurts.

I don't know what I was saying, I don't know what I was going to say, and suddenly I feel like passing out. I think it was something like, the world sucks, but specific people make it all better. Specific people and baby ducks. Man, gotta love those baby ducks. Watashi no ahiru no ko.... Watashi no ahiro no ko ga ai desu.

I'm sleepy.
I finished being grumpy and crazy and everything...
Now I just feel tired.
I may just go take a nap.

Monday, August 14, 2006


Hey now, ninny-os...
Well, Saturday night was my neighbour's 18th birthday party... the noise was so ebil that my parents ended up sleeping on mattresses in the lounge room to get away from the noise. (My parents' room is against the wall that's near my neighbours' yard). Twas amusing though.
§And don't it always seem to go, that you don't know what you got, till it's gone§
Weeeell! I'm feeling pretty dang good again, and I'm wondering whether marriages to phones are legal. Support diversity! Support marrying phones! But yeeeaaaah....
"Yeah, yeah, visit Australia! Call it the 'Down Under Tour'!"
Heheh... Well, yeah... so, I may have a dress for the formal, even though it's not till December 1st. It's quite nice, and actually belongs to my aunt... I'm still looking at buying or making a dress, though.
Apparently Becky, Rosalind, Kristy and I are going to the formal with Toby =P. We're also trying to convince Martin to come to the formal with Toby. We were thinking about getting him a nice green dress, to match his hair...

Anyways... I have assignments in World Issues, English, Maths and Science! Yaaaaay! Don't y'all just love education? Can't think of a single thing more fun than working out the angle of a cliff Billy has to jump off for some reason... I think he's climbing the cliff to get away from Joe... and the cupboard... heheh... (Personal Joke. If you aren't Edward or me, you won't get it. (Wait a minute... you can't be me!! I'm far too good for you to be me! Argh! Double parentheses! (Though twould be more complicated if I used brackets, too... [Like these.])))

Twitch. My brother has been crying for nearly half an hour now and I still amn't interested in why that is.

Anyway, another great phone call thish ahftah noony. (Squee! *high pitched shriek*) Gosh, people can be so fun! And by people, I mean Edward. Squeeeeeee! *spins* Oh, fun! Laughter, singing, and general merriment! And oh, moi, gawd, I'm not being sarcastic!

Aaaanyways! I ish being tackled by a deranged 13 year old. i.e., my sister... Curse you, Freya...

My feet love you all and want to have your baby feetlings!! But you can't have them cause I'ma marry my shmexy feet after I divorce the tuft of grass that I'm currently married to!

I am currently in love with everything and everyone, but some things and people mroe than others, and I'm not on drugs. Huzzah! Buh byes! *waves*

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Of purple frogs and rubber ducks...

Omigod, squee, and kawaii. I got a purple frog. I love you purple frog! I want to have your tadpoles!
However, it is a very cute frog.
If you cannot read the website adress over its feet, it is, which has lots of graphicky things that I haen't discovered how to use yet. I'm just in love with this frog.
I also like this little critterling. Not for any reason other than the fact that it is adorable.
And a rubber ducky. Cause I have a thing about rubber. I mean, ducks. Ducks. I love duckies.

And I like the purty little notes, too... they're pixels... I may use them where I would normally use the MSN music emoticon... Anyways, I'm off.

Bah bah bee deep de.

Doodly-doo. What should you do? Wiiiiith a toenail.
Heheh, it's a PlaySchool song... and I changed the words... the utter lack of intelect astonishes me...

So, yesterday... I nearly fell asleep in piano, being the typical disappointment to Philip and mother, but hey... Could have something to do with the fact that I hardly slept the night before... and I don't really regret that, as I quite enjoyed myself... See previous blog. I was ever-so-slightly hyperactive =p
Anyway, I also nearly fell asleep in outdoor ed, which Becky missed, something to do with it being her sister's birthday... I did fall asleep in world issues, and the teacher got all pissy at me... beh... I don't remember recess... something to do with eating some of Rosalind and Becky's foods, because I forgot to get money for lunch... Um... photography... we generally just mucked around, I sat and span on my chair while Becky and Martin flirted, and wished I could be somewhere else...
Lunchtime was odd... Martin was going on about how squirrels have rights in America, and somebody threw a stick at someone else, and I told them that sticks have rights in Russia, and that in Soviet Russia, stick throws YOU. Anyways, that was laughed about and a little while later Toby was making fun of me for being silly and I pretended to be hurt and turned away from the others, and I was sitting there facing away from them, and I sort of wondered whether any of them would notice if I just stopped talking. Fifteen minutes later I'd somehow ended up crying, and Toby finally noticed, so he came round and sat in front of me and tried to make me feel better by apologising really dramatically. Becky came over and sat next to me and shoved me and nagged to know what was wrong, even though I didn't really know myself... Martin came and sat on my other side and hugged me for ages and let me cry onto his shoulder. He's such a sweet boy, really. Ethan walked past and ignored me, but hey, that's Ethan, and I don't much care about him anyway. But yeah... so they were nice to me, and maybe they do care, but I still think that Becky is wrong about me being popoular. Popular means lots of friends. I have what, three? Four, at most...

... And Becky and Izzy are both moving interstate at the end of the year, leaving me to be alone, hurrah-hurrah. And that's just when I'ma be needing support, starting college and all... but meh...

Anyway, in English I was feeling pretty happy cause I'd got so many hugs at lunch, and we didn't really do much... Japanese... the teacher gave out candy cause she was only teaching us for the first three weeks this term, so it was her last lesson... Becky and I scribbled on the board and I drew a pretty mushroom.... it was pretty... Clare had this big bottle of coke and plastic cups, so everybody got some of that, too...

Meeeeeh... Got home... read paper... charged iPod... talked to Edward, and he was sick, poor him... Watched TV, listened to music, talked with Freya. She's awesome, she is. She's my little dinosaur sister. She does this funny face that makes her look like a baby dinosaur. It's cute, really.

So I was talking to Freya, and we were discussing siblings and how well we got on. Freya and I get on really well, we're like friends, but I find it very difficult to talk to Bridie and Connor. I can see elements of my personality in them, and they're things about me that I don't like,a nd that I find incredibly annoying. Connor's constant demands for attention, Bridie's tendency to cry and whine about everything. Freya doesn't do either of those things, but we have our music tastes and our sense of humour in common. We have likes and dislikes in common, rather than personalities. Which is pretty cool.

So yeah. Aaaaanyways. Haven't done anything t'day, apart from eat soup, read the paper, and sew up a hole in this little toy lizard thing of Connor's.

Edward tried to comment on this the other night, but apparently it wouldn't let him. I'll have to fiddle with the settings and check that it's allowing comments. I also want to find a nice little taggie-board to stick in the sidebar. I like the smilies on the one Jess has, I'll try to find one with smilies like that...

Anyways, I's is offskis. *waves*

Friday, August 11, 2006


Oh, man, I'm awesome.
Far too awesome for MSN spaces. Which sucks.
So yeah. I figured I'll just not link this from MSN spaces. Because... well, cause I don't feel like it. If I give you the link to this blog, you're special and my feet want to have your babies. My feet are a bit odd like that, though. Watch out. They'll stalk you.
So... It wouldn't let me fit all the bands on my iPod onto the music thing on my profile, so I copy-pasted it...
Every band on my iPod in alphabetical order: 3 Doors Down, Blink 182, Bowling for Soup, Carly Simon, CKY, Coldplay, Conjure One, Counting Crows, Crowded House, Dallas Crane, Decoder Ring, Dixie Chicks, Dresden Dolls, Enya, Eskimo Joe, Grinspoon, Interpol, James Blunt, Jet, John Lennon, The Killers, Little Birdy, The Living End, Maroon 5, Matchbox 20, Moby, Nickelback, The Panda Band, Powderfinger, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sarah Brightman, Sarah McLachlan, She Wants Revenge, The Shins, Sinead O'Connor, Snow Patrol, The Spazzys, U2, The Waifs, Wheatus.
If you don't like my music, you can go to hell. Once you come crawling back from there, you can come to the conclusion that I am right and always will be. It's really not difficult to understand.
De de deeee....
I went to Woden the other day, with Becky, and we ate half a doughnut each...
There was this shop... it was purple... I'm like, eurgh... I mean, everything was purple.
§Look at the stars, look how they shine for you, and all the things you do, and it was all, yellow§
Man... wouldn't you just love a pet star? I think that'd be great... to have a star... and a leash... only, you'd just use the leash so you could climb up and sit on the star... I'd love to be able to sit on a star... I'd take a couple of people up with me, though... Mnyes... I'm liking the thought of this...

§Bye, bye, Miss American Pie
Took the Chevy to the levee
But the levee was dry
Them good old boys
Were drinking whiskey and rye
Singing, this'll be the day that I die
This'll be the day that I die§

Well yeah. I'm in an absolutely fucking great mood. I have been since... Tuesday. three hours of the most amazing phone call ever can do that to a person. I seriously have not stopped grinning since I picked up the phone. *dances* I'm all bouncey and... happy. Oh, man. This is so goddamn great. Funniest thing, I haven't slept since then, either. But hey! Who needs sleep?

§I guess it's time I run
Far far away
Find comfort in pain
All pleasure's the same
It just, keeps me from trouble
Hide my true shame
Like Dorian Grey
I've heard what they say, but
I'm not here for trouble
It's more, than just words
It's just tears and rain§

§Will you be my shoulder
When I'm grey and older?
Promise me tomorrow starts with you
Getting high§

§Sometimes, it's hard to believe
You remember me§

§Baby, baby, baby
When all your love is gone
Who will save me?
From all I'm up against
Out in this world
And maybe, maybe, maybe
You'll find
Something that's enough to please you
But if the bright lights don't receive you
You should turn yourself around and
Come on home§

I'm not entirely sure whether I'm incredibly tired or incredibly hyperactive. I mean, I'm bouncing on my seat, I'm damn near shaking, but I don't know if that's exhaustion or an excessive amount of energy... or both... I'm thinking I should probably turn the light on. And perhaps put some pants on. It's dark and I'm cold. But I'm still feeling great =P

§I don't need you to
It's not what I had

Whoooo! I have a piano lesson in seven hours! I should probably get some sleep, but I don't really want to. Yayyayayayayayay! Yattaaaaaaa! Hehehe....

§All, day
Staring at the ceiling, making
Friends with shadows on my wall
All, night
Hearing voices telling me
That I should get some sleep
Because tomorrow might be
Good for something
Hold on
Feeling like I'm heading for a
Break down
And I don't know why
But I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell
I know, right now you can't tell
But stay a while, and maybe then you'll see
A different side of me
I'm not crazy, I'm just a little impaired
I know, right now you don't care
But soon enough, you're gonna think of me
And how I used to be
Talking to myself in public
Dodging glances on the train
And I know
I know they've all been, talking 'bout me
I can hear them whisper
And it makes me think there must be
Something wrong
With me
Out of all the hours thinking
I've lost my mind
And I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell
I know, right now you can't tell
But stay a while, and maybe then you'll see
A different side of me
I'm not crazy, I'm just a little impaired
I know, right now you don't care
But soon enough, you're gonna think of me
And how I used to be
I've been talking in my sleep
Pretty soon they'll come to get me
Yeah they're taking me away
I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell
I know, right now you can't tell
But stay a while, and maybe then you'll see
A different side of me
I'm not crazy, I'm just a little impaired
I know, right now you don't care
But soon enough, you're gonna think of me
And how I used to be§

Wheeee! That is sooooo my theme song. FUCK I'm hyper. Booooooiiiiiiiing!
There's this freaky little kid's show with these random fluffy white things called Bing and Bong. As in... The big fluffy white thing is called 'bong'? What teh.... I mean... eurph...

I was watching my hand today. Possibly one of the more interesting ways to pass the time in an otherwise monotonous English lesson. I discovered that if I watch my hand for long enough, colours start to spiral round it and along my fingers. That's pretty fun. I was thinking about having a tiny kangaroo, like those little kangaroo shaped biscuits, bouncing along my hand... and it like, sucked in all the colour... it was pretty cool...

I also had some fun scribbling in the back of my English book... if it was some time other than 2am, I'd go downstairs and get it so I could write up some of the crap I have in there... but it isn't, so I won't. It's amazing how quickly I can fill a blank page with nonsense, lyrics, quotes, and scribbles... It's fun... my maths book has the same, plus colourful patterns, which I would have in my English book, but I keep forgetting to take my textas to school... ^^;

Mm... well, I'z eesh offski for now. Tootle-oo, children.