Thursday, November 30, 2006



And various other sounded out letters!

But yes...
Assembly first was boring and mini-a-ture.
Photography was a bludge, as always.
English was also a bludge and was spent talking to Madeleine and ignoring the horribly boring movie.
Can't remember recess...
Longline Japanese was spent... dun dun dun... putting clear contact on French textbooks!! Amazing!!
But yes... Jaeryl actually turned up at lunch! I was kinda hyper cause lots of people were there, too ^-^. I think I scared him :P If I'd actually expected him to turn up I'da brought those RHCP CDs for him to borrow. Beh :P
But yeah, payed for ABW...
Maths now, and Madeleine is at part safe. Fun fun fun!! Amazingly boring! Wow!
But yes. We have the craplab for 'mathletics' at the moment, and like, two minutes till the bell. Jared and that-guy-whose-name-I-don't-know-but-might-be-James and I have been failing at the dodgy flash games on the hard drive of the computer =P
Butyes, science as soon as the bell goes... logically, anyway... so yes, must be off. Forty-five minutes of high school classes left! ^-^

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Um... cheese? Cheese is good.

Yeshterdee.... um...
Got woken at like, 6.30am by Connor jumping on my knees so that they bent backwards (Ow?), and screaming, "Give me my presents!!", cause it was his birthday.
No comment... But at least he liked my prezzie best ^-^
Assembly first. I got myself the superest seat: Between Toby and Jared. Yay! They're like, two of my three or four favouritest people at school ^-^
But yeah, the assembly itself was 'orribly boring, and Toby looked all sickly and tired, so that was no good.
Science was just sitting around and talking...
Outdoor ed was just sitting around...
Don't remember recess. It was yesterday, after all.
Watched some movie in World Issues. Beyond... um... Beyond Borders, I think. Had Angelina Jolie in it. Does anyone other than me think that those monstrous lips just make her look like she's always about to cry? I reckon people should make more of a fuss about her eyes, they're pretty. Her lips are just fat.
Don't remember lunch, either.
Photography and English were bludgeness...
And yeah.

I'll remember in a second...
Oh, right!
Wait, no, that's a monkey.
Japanese and maths were filled with scribbling, which shall be scanned and uploaded if I have time...
Recess was beh, as in, I can't remember it.
I had... dun dun DUN... Party Safe longline!! Oh, the fun!! Questions such "Is it safe to get in a car when the driver is drunk?" Oh, the intellectual challenge of it was more than I could handle!
Lunch was pretty boring, actually, but when the bell rang we all suddenly decided to talk about formal transport. Ten minutes after the bell had gone and we were meant to be in class, we were still talking. Fun-fun ^-^
Miss Atkinson didn't even notice I came in late, though. Rest of the class did some boring thing which I refused to be involved in.
World issues we watched some more of that movie.
And now I'm home! Yayayay!
Tomorrow is the last day of classes!!
But yes. Computer is slowly dying, so I must away. Oh, man, what a dramatic exit. Or it would have been, if I didn't keep talking...

Monday, November 27, 2006

You got SMILE'D.

English was bleh... I'm getting like, a D. Ouch.
Lunchtime was kinda boring, sort of. In a little way.
We were in the gym, and then Toby and Rosalind and I didn't wanna play cause all those dickhead year ten guys, like, Anthony and all that lot, were playing as well, so we went to the canteen and then sat under the tree, and Toby says that girl who I think is his cousin or something, apparently, Sam... now I forgot what I was going to say... But yeah, he said Sam said that someone was going to tell him they liked him, so he was all, "What should I say if someone says they like me?" all lunch. Which was mildy amusing. So was the fact that I had TNTs! As in, lollies. Of awesomeness!
But yeah, Japanese was fail.
Maths was boring, and I am getting a B!!! Gooo meeeeeee!! But yes :P
I walked past the Indonesian room today and heard them singing Imagine in Indonesian.
I never, and I mean never want to hear that done to a song again! Whatever did that nice, innocent song do wrong to deserve that? Shudder.
And, in maths, I drew a smiley face on Madeleine's hand and wrote "You got SMILE'D" on it. It was somehow very funny at the time :P
But yeah, Becky was online when I got home, and we both apologised, though I'm not sure what she was apologising for, and that was all awesome. Yayness =)
Anyway, music and eating and talking to peoples time. Offwards with me =)

Drowned Munchkin Potatoes

Grades so far:
World Issues - A (I'm so super :P)
Photography - C (Apparently I would have gotten an A if I did one or both of the major assignments...)
English - not sure yet
Japanese - B (Le shock and le surprisedness! I dunno how I managed a B, considering I hardly ever do any work...)
Maths - also not sure yet
Science - again, not sure yet
Outdoor Ed - D or E (No surprises there :P)

I had world issues just before, and I got my essay back, and even though I didn't actually do any research for it, and therefore lost ten percent for not having a bibliography, I got 88%. Go me. And the group class presentation teachy doowhatsy thingo got 90%. Go us.
Bleeehh... Formal is shaping up to be a whole lotta fun:
Bekcy is pissed at me cause I got kinda hyper from milo, stopped thinking, and told Toby who Kirsten liked. Stephen overheard and told Rosalind, who then told Martin. I'm guessing she's also pissed at me because I've been a bitch to her about everything. But hey, I don't like apologising when I'm in the wrong like this. I know what I *should* have done was apologise for telling when Becky told me not to, but I dunno, I just, really didn't feel like being yelled at and whining for forgiveness. So that's crap. And apparently Rosalind and Kirsten and Becky are organising a limo or summin for the formal, and chances are I'll be missing that one out. Rosalind asked if I wanted to go with them, but Becky has unsurprisingly avoided mentioning it, and I don't want to piss her off more by inviting myself.
Other crap about the formal:
I still need shoes, and the formal is in two weeks exactly. I also have nothing planned for my hair, tragedy of tragedies. I only think that's a problem because my hair looks utterly *crap* until it's reduced a couple of hairdressers to tears and left a third one standing and staring at it, wondering how such a mess could possibly exist.

But yeah...
Yesterdayness, Freya and a pile of her friends went out to some river somewhere, and mother, Connor, Bridie and I went down to the lake with the Aunt, Uncle, and small, noisy cousin. Mother, Adair, Nigel, and I (And I think Hamish, too, actually) didn't end up going in the water, because it was sooo hot when we got in the car, and then when we got there it was freezing. So that sucked.
And then we ended up not going to body balance, which really wasn't a problem. Only I totally failed at cooking sausages for dinner. And I forgot to cut up the potatoes before I put them in the water. So that screwed up, mother yelled at me, and I gave up on that.
Assessment's finished, so like... I have time to waste in classes... and oh, moi, gawd. There is going to be some "Party Safe" thing longline on Wednesday. They're going to tell us not to drink, I bet, and that if we do drink to watch our glasses and whatever. Bla, bla, bla, Duuuuuh. Sounds like it is going to be pure boredom, but it's compulsory. Bleurgh.
Jeebus it's freezing in the photography lab. It's like, really warm outside, and freezing in here. It's also kinda freezing in English, which I have longline, so...
Offwards...ness.... stuff... type... yeah...

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Yesterday was aaawwwweeesssoooomeeeee XD
I was online early-ish, then I was on the phone (Yayayayayayayay!!) for I dunno how long, maybe a couple of hours, tops, but damn twas fun.
And and and and then I had a shower and went formal dress shopping!!
I now have a bluetiful dress that is bluetiful. I shall have lots of photos after the formal!
Shoe shopping is next!

Anyway, that was yesterday and it was awesomey awesomey awesome, and we had dinner on the deck, which was really nice... and then ate ice cream while watching good TV. Nice nice nice.

Anyway, tis only eleven today and I have therefore not done anything at all yet, but...

This is my 100th post!

Colours and sparkles and all that! Or, there would be, if I weren't so lazy. As is, it's just larger font in pink/purple.
Anyways, that be thats, and I's is off. *waves*

Friday, November 24, 2006

And it was called, Yellow...

Piano 'smorning was 'kay.
On the way to school, mother randomly started singing this random PlaySchool song, and like... she didn't know absolutely all the words, so she got about this much of it:

"I'm a dingle-dangle scarecrow
With a flippy-floppy hat
I can shake my... um... something like this
I can shake my something like that"

And then she paused for a second, and went, "But we won't go into what the 'something' is."
And I covered my ears and went, "Mu-um!!"
And she grinned and went, "It brings an all new meaning to 'dingla-dangle scarecrow'."
And I covered my ears even more, and went, "That's awful!", even though I was already laughing, and she started laughing too, and noted that "It would scare more than the crows!"
So we were laughing so much on the way to school, and that was really funny.
But yeah, English first and I handed in that assignment, and there was a presentation with chocolate and Madeleine kept taking more than she should have, but I didn't cause I'm a Good Girl. Hmph =P
Japanese was bleh, teacher was like, majorly stressed, and I'm probably getting a B, which is amazing considering how little work I actually did.
Madeleine and I had sheets from the science assignment in maths, so we could do that, but Madeleine did like, two sentences and then was watching like, random animations and wasting time, cause we were in the computer lab.
And again, at lunch, Jared and I went in and spent our lunchtime doing work on the assignment, but Madeleine wouldn't come in. Apparently she had assignments for other classes. Which she said yesterday, as well. You'd think she could come in for at least one lunchtime, but no, apparently not.
And then in science she did about half a page and then fell asleep, and Jared had to do the test he missed yesterday, so I was like, writing flat out all lesson, and the assignment didn't get finished, but the teacher said he's mark us as high as he could. But like, I'm really annoyed at the utter lack of dedication Madeleine showed for it. It was a simple assignment, and fun, it should have been easy, but Madeleine spent the first week analysing her hair and pretending to work, and the rest of the time going, "But I analysed the evidence at the beginning!" No, your hair is Not evidence. Gr...
Anyway, outdoor ed last and the was boring.
I got 79% on the math test and 70% on the science test, by the way. Not bad, considering I didn't know the stuff for either. =P
Anyway, Freya is being an idiot. So I'm getting dragged off now.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

~Ineloquence and anger :: Are all we have~

Yawn, sigh, sleep.
Today... neh...
First class: Maths.
Test. I don't think I did too badly. A couple of things I wasn't sure whether I was doing right or not, cause I hadn't payed any attention when we were learning them, but I'm pretty much certain I passed, and got over 70%, probably.
Second class: Science.
Test. This one, not so good. I think I passed, but I'm not sure. I hope I did. And I have to do all those classwork thingies for tomorrow, bleurgh.
We had the last fifteen minutes or so to work on those assignments. Madeleine of course did nothing at all, and Jared wasn't there again, he hasn't been there for like, a week, so I tried to work, and got some stuff done, but I couldn't possibly finish it by the end of the lesson, which we had to. The teacher said people could come in at lunch to work on them, but no, Madeleine says she has other work she has to do at lunch.
"When's it due?"
"This is due today. Are you working with other people whose grades will also suffer if you don't do the work for those assignments?"
Anyway, that assignment has now totally failed.
Recess was kinda boring. Only cause I don't remember it.
Outdoor ed longline was bleh. I was kind of working on this booklet thing that, if I finish it, would enable me to pass o.e., but I don't know any of it.
Lunch was pretty good, Toby and Rosalind and Stephen and Martin and I were sitting around, like we usually do, then Toby went off somewhere, and then the sprinklers randomly turned on, and there was one right near us, so Martin rescued Toby's bag and guitar, and the rest of us jumped up and moved away, and we were all standing there for a minute or so, watching everyone running around and being stupid with the sprinklers, when Martin randomly ran over and kicked the top off the nearest sprinkler, which made this huge jet of water shoot up, so we were laughing our heads off at this impromptu fountain, and these year nine kids were sticking their heads in it and stuff... eh, twas funny =P
World Issues we presented our assignment thing in, that was okay and didn't require any effort, so that was good.
Photography was a bludge, as always, but hey :P

I wanted something
That's purer than the water
Like we were
It's not there now
Ineloquence and anger
Are all we have
Like Saturn's rings
An icy loop around me
Too hard to hold
Lash out first
At all the things we don't like
Or understand
And it's beginning to get to me
That I know more of the stars and sea
Than I do of what's in your head
Barely touching in our cold bed
Are you beginning to get my point?
That all this fighting with aching joints
Is doing nothing but tire us out
And no one knows what this fight's about
The answer phone
The lonely sound of your voice
Frozen in time
I only need
The compass that you gave me
To guide me on
And it's beginning to get to me
That I know more of the stars and sea
Than I do of what's in your head
Barely touching in our cold bed
Are you beginning to get my point?
That all this fighting with aching joints
Is doing nothing but tire us out
And no one knows what this fight's about
It's so thrilling but oh so wrong
Don't have to prove that you are so strong
Cause I can carry you on my back
After our enemies attack
I tried to tell you before I left
That I was screaming under my breath
You are the only thing that makes sense
Just ignore all this present tense
We need
To feel
Breathless with love

And more words I can't make out.
Snow Patrol = love.
The only band that comes even near to having such good lyrics is RHCP, and everyone with any sense knows they're just awesome.
But still, Snow Patrol's lyrics... better than RHCP's. Tragic, but true. Chasing Cars, Shut Your Eyes, It's Beginning to Get to Me, Run... beautiful music, beautiful words. Eloquence, something I envy hugely. I love this music...

Yeah... anyway, drinking strawberry milk, and I scanned this random, semi-journal-entry-thing I wrote last night... It's not really a journal entry thing, it's not written in my diary, that ran out of pages, it's just a notepad's page of writing, but I thought I'd share it. It's just something I've been thinking about.
I'll upload it and stick it below when I remember.

In the meantime, I'm off.


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Dancing Elk

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Thirty-eight fucking degrees.
It is too hot to breathe.
It is too hot to see.
It is too hot to hear.
It is too hot to move.
Now y'all know I normally avoid swearing, but fuck. I am nothing but a method of displaying thoroughly sweat-soaked clothes. I'm eating ice cubes, hugging a bottle of very cold water, and have two fans turned on me.
It is still too hot...
I need to go down to Woden and get me a dress.
Like that nice one Freya has... But maybe in brown instead of red... Dresses are nice. I don't have any at the moment, and I haven't had any since I was like, eight. Mostly because I always sit in strange positions. Positions that, were I wearing a dress, would be permanently scarring to anyone who happened to glance in my direction. But I want a dress, and I can refrain from sitting with one leg on either side of the computer if it means I can have a dress and my dignity. So now there's the simple matter of having no money at all. Yep, I spent that mp3 player money already. But I might be able to convince mother or father to finance a dress, seeing as I currently have like, no clothes...
But yeah...

I stayed up till like, 4.30am last night, lying to myself that I was trying to do that world issues assignment, when really I was just talking to people, reading comics and playing games. So I was totally exhausted and didn't finish the assignment. So mother let me have the first three lessons and lunch off; I stayed home to do the assignment. And I did the same thing again. Ain't I clever? But I think I have the information I need, so I can steal the laptop and do it tonight. It means I'll have another night with no sleep, but the internet won't be there for me to distract myself with, so. Work should be done.

But yeah, got to school, signed in, slept through maths, like, literally, I sat down and immediately fell asleep, and woke up after the bell had gone and nearly everyone had gone to their next classes, staggered to science and fell asleep again. Neither Madeleine nor Jared was there, and there was no way I could possibly stay awake on my own to do the work, so I just collapsed, but apparently the whole class gets an extension till Thursday, even though we have a test that lesson. I also have a maths test the lesson before that, for which I need to check I know the stuff.

I feel like writing this huge long emotional rant that's been floating round my head since science, but I know I'll remember the general idea and be able to write it out later, to some particular person, rather than throwing my insanity out to anyone who reads this, and I can write it *later*, after I've had a shower and lay down with music and a lot of fans.
I'd say *hugs* but if I touch anything or anyone I will become permanently attached to them, through the icky stickiness of summer humidity and sweat...
Even though it's only spring! Gah, it went right from winter to summer, missing my favourite season... bleurgh.
Anyway, nap-time. Will probably add some rant about Christmas when I wake up.
Tootles. =)

Everyone's all excited about Christmas, and stuff.
I'm not a huge fan of it. Couple of reasons:
It's like picking a random in the street and making a holiday out of their birthday. Except: This random in the street didn't exist, and if he did, was certainly *not* the son of an imaginary dude in the sky who is supposedly omnipotent and good, which combined mean that logically, he can't exist, somebody else explained it somewhere, and I can't be bothered repeating it. Something along the lines of if he's good, then he would stop all evil, unless he isn't omnipotent, in which case that's a lie, unless he isn't good, in which case that's a lie. But hey.
The other reason is a lack of finances:
I never have enough money to get prezzies for even half the people I would love to get presents for.
Also, the one that actually bothers me least (Believe it or not, I can be quite not-materialistic sometimes) is that my entire family is broke, except for a couple who are vaguely not-broke, but insane. So I get crap or non-existent presents. Bleh, I get over it.

Even for those who are good Christians and yada yada, surely what we now have as Christmas can't be seen as a religioius holiday. Really, it's just an overly commercialised day, which should be just a little thing, and it gets lost in the whole, summer holidays thing we have here.

What I do quite like about Christmas, though, are the holidays, and the annual pickernick at the Cotter. Cotter Dam, by the way. Known as the Cotter. Has playground and picnic area and river and stuffs. Beh. My family and my mother's sister's family, usually minus Angus, go down to the Cotter, and sit around near the river, and eat. Nice food. So I mostly sit around in the biggest hat mother could find, and eat French bread with avocado and BBQ chicken, and drink apple juice out of a plastic wine glass while watching the kiddles play on the playground and run in circles and entertain themselves.
It's nice.
But Christmas is still... almost exactly a month... a month and... four days, I think, brain is dead and I don't know what day it is, away, and already people are going on about how excited about it they are. Meh.
Anyway, sleeping.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Bla bla bla, bla bla de de bla.

Things that have entertained me today or yesterday:
":: Caitlin :: (8)Cry me a future where the revelations run amok, ladies and gentlemen(8) :: §dance - sing - cry - laugh - see - why§ :: says: (4:59:52 PM)
You said you were a master debator, too :P
:: Namihana :: Beauty within a facade :: says: (4:59:52 PM)
:: Namihana :: Beauty within a facade :: says: (4:59:59 PM)
Well I am.
:: Namihana :: Beauty within a facade :: says: (5:00:01 PM)
:: Caitlin :: (8)Cry me a future where the revelations run amok, ladies and gentlemen(8) :: §dance - sing - cry - laugh - see - why§ :: says: (5:00:05 PM)
^^^^^^ The evils of mobile phones ;)

And the fact that my hand is super super super. I might scan it in a bit, and upload it.
Also that one. Hehe. Train solves everything!
I'm not particularly a Train fan, but they're pretty good, and that video clip is damn funny =P

But yes...
Today was boring.
Too boring to blog about.

There, my super hand.

Also, currently playing in my mind is this song, which I actually don't have:
If anybody happens to coincidentally somehow magically have this song, twould be much appreciated if you could send it to me =P

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Musical Apple

My essay so far:
"Do we have a social responsibility to care for the mentally ill?

... I'm a great writer, amn't I?
Seriously though, I don't think I'll do too badly with this assignment...
... Once I start it.
Which could be some time away.
Even though it was due last Monday, and I'll be handing it in on this Monday, if I have it done by then.

But yeah... I don't really remember yesterday... so I won't bother trying to write much about it.
I remember we had nachos and mother and I filled up a page with ideas for this essay.
I remember the nachos cause I love nachos.
I remember the assignment work because, believe it or not, for the first time I can ever remember, mother said something nice about me. And what's really surprising is that she said it now, after we've been so pissed at each other for the past... since... since a month or so before I got that fridge, whenever that was.
I talked for five minutes straight about one aspect of the question, and at the end she looked at me, and said, "You really are a smart girl, Caitlin."
And the first thing I said was, "Are you being sarcastic?"
Which shows how much it surprised me, because I hate asking that unless I'm really, really not sure.
But apparently she wasn't being sarcastic. So that was very, very strange. But good, I guess.

But yeah... t'day... rolled out of bed around eleven, got online and stayed there until about two o'clock, during which time I actually managed to out-pervert the King of Perverted-teenage-minds... No Lardo, not you, another perverted teenager =P
But yes, around two-twenty we went down to Phillip pool, cause it reopened on the first of this month, whatever month it is now.
That was pretty fun. I managed not to get burnt, which is always good. I actually managed to not get burnt, even though I lay in the sun for an hour or so with Aunty Adair, being lazy and absorbing heat.
But yeah... that was pretty good, got back, got changed, and went down to Woden with Freya and got MUSIC.
I got more music.
By 'got', I mean, I actually bought it.
I have the physical form of music, and I payed for it.
What a strange feeling...
But really, it was $20 for two RHCP CDs, Mother's Milk and What Hits?!, so I'm like, sure, Freya and I can go half-half and we can share both CDs.
Having heard all of What Hits?! and almost none of Mother's Milk, I can conclude that Mother's Milk is a way better CD. Why? Because a lot of What Hits?! was pretty shoddy. Bleh. But hey, twas cheap, and Mother's Milk looks pretty damn good.
I wanna hear Nobody Weird Like Me, Taste The Pain, Pretty Little Ditty, Sexy Mexican Maid, Castles Made of Sand, and yeah. The alright-sounding ones that I want to hear again from What Hits?! are Show Me Your Soul, Jungle Man, Hollywood, Catholic School Girls Rule, and maybe Knock Me Down.
But yeah... there's a lot of music on these discs... tis good, tis good...
And I saw all these CDs I wanted to get... there was Queen for $15 and Van Morrison for $15 and a Beatles CD with thirty songs on it for $20, and and and music...
Only I had like, no money.
And I always have like, no money.
But that reminds me, on the way down to Woden we passed my neighbour's house (No really... I was walking down my street and all of a sudden, there was this house, that is next to mine, and you know where it was? It was right there, next to my house. Seriously, it was.) and they're like, "Hey, wanna babysit on the first or second?"
and I'm like, "Yeah, why not, not like I have a social life."
and they're like, "Cool, we'll talk to you about money and stuff later. Oh, and do you and Freya wanna waitress at our party on the ninth?"
and Freya's like "Oooh!"
and I'm like, "Yeah, sounds cool."
and they're like, "Oh yeah, we'll pay you."
and I'm like, "Yay."
and Craig goes, "Yeah, we'll give you fifty cents and let the guests tip you."
and Vanessa goes, "Ignore him, never talk money with Craig, we'll negotiate about payment later.",
and Freya's like, "Yay!"
and I'm like, "Dude, you have a proper job already, why do you need more money?"
and she's like, "There is never enough money."
and I'm like, "Good point."
and we went to Woden.
And that is the conversation that means I may be getting payed to whack people over the head with trays of alcoholic drinks.
Maybe I have a different understanding of serving people than them...
Actually, there's another idea...
Double entendres ftw.
Hearts y'all.
Cause I felt like saying it.

Man, my head is screwed.
All I've eaten today is milo and ice cream and a thingo of chips, so like, whoa. And like, yeah, that kinda Woot.
Which may account for the fact that I am fucking HYPER.
Hell yes.

But yes, in other news, my butt hurts.
I am hyper!
Ooh, what was that word?
Summin like that ;)

Gah, dude, falling off my seat, so much talent and so little to do but bounce and waste time like monkey toenails and Wheee!!!


Several glasses of water and an itsy bitsy nap later...

Yeah, back to slightly more logical topics...
A couple of, shall I say, friends of mine, are pissed off at each other.
Part of me is pissed off at each of them for being pissed off at each other, because both of them are damn awesome, and have no reason to be fighting like they are.
Another part of me is seeing one of their sides more clearly than the other, because I've been in a similar position myself, and because the other person will not explain their side of the story, and in fact, refuses to talk about the whole shenanigans.
Yet a third, selfish part of me, is secretly punching the air and Yessss!ing, because the only time either of them really talks to me, is when they're not talking to each other.
So that's kinda confusing.
I'm trying to stay neutral, but I've known one far longer than the other. But then, the one I've known for less time seems to be telling more of the truth, and she's actually telling me what she says is going on, whereas the one I've known longer simply says "I don't want to talk about it" and shuts up about it, and changes the topic if I so much as mention in passing the other person.
So I'm kind of siding with the person I've known for less time's time... and still, being ├╝ber-nice to the one I've known longer, because that person is impossible to be mad at, and in fact, impossible not to like.
So that's really sort of confusing.
And I probably made it even more confusing with the way I talk.
But hey.

A random trip out the window, dinner, dessert, a completed world issues assignment and a glass of pink milk later:
I am going to bed.
Hugs for everyone, now I am going to go lie down before I pass out in this seat.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Such a long, long day...

Yesterday... I went to Woden... Toby & Farnham (Dude, if I'm spelling your name wrong, it's your fault, but I'm sorry =P) ended up coming to Woollies with me. I got a tin of pink nesquik, a tin of milo, a pile more instant noodles, and a small pack of biscuits for the guys, cause they werwe making a fuss about having no money =P
Today... missed piano cause I was late cause my watch was wrong.
Bummer about that.
Science - got nothing done. Like, I did a little work, but nothing really got done, as usual. Madeleine drew, I ate milo, and answered ONE question & put a plait in Madeleine's hair, Jared tried unsuccessfully to convince both of us to work. The usual.
Outdoor ed was spent listening to music while sitting on the grass & watching the class play soccer. A baby bird came and stood like, two feet away from me. So adorable. ^-^
World issues excursion to the ANU (Australian National University) was pretty good. We listened to a lecture from this guy with the most gorgeous accent ever, then had a tour of part of the uni campus - like, the law, social science, and arts areas, and my god, their library was beautiful... now there is a reason to get through year ten and college.
But yes.
<3 from Caitlin.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Alphabet Soup

Random crap I was thinking, a word for each letter of the alphabet, to tell a story, of sorts:

A... I was going to go through the alphabet, but I got lost,
Dazed by
Gesture of
Hatred or
Waves, or why...
Y and
Z just fall into place, sitting comfortably in the padded cell of my mind.

I feel unwell.
Cold, sick, and tired.
So tired.
I would be so happy, to curl up in bed, and sleep, forever.
I want to.
If I ever managed it, without having the chance to tell you, I love you all, everyone, you are all beautiful people, wonderful people who never cease to amaze me.
Don't bother trying to talk to me about that random emotional outburst; I'll pretend i never said it.
Cause it's easier that way.

Edible Colours

Wheee.... The teacher brought us into the computer lab for maths so we could do a probability exercise on Mathletics...
The probability of us doing mathletics is: zero.
Also, I am listening to Strawberry Fields Forever without the guitar. Scowlament.
Hehehe, music.
So I'm listeningk to musix and colouring randomly, and Madeleine just discovered that "personal beliefs" are blocked... *dies*
Stupid school.

I just like, nearly swallowed my orange texta. Talent!

I know that you went straight to someone else
While I worked through all this shit here by myself
And I think that you should spend some time alone
But if you won't
Then you won't
And I will
And I will
Consider you gone

Mm, music... ^-^

New iPod shuffle ad (I want this shuffle, but not cause of this)
(No, seriously, this isn't why I want it):
"Operate its controls with one hand. Enjoy up to twelve hours straight!"
Okay, perhaps that's just my perverted teenage mind =P

Teacher just came and gave me my mathletics password, and I chewed it up and spat it behind the computers =P
"I lost my password..."


My textas are all almost out of ink!!
I need to get more textas.
More colours!
And more milo XD
I'm getting more this aftermanoonliness.
And more instant noodles.
But for the time being, colouring with dodgy textas and listening to music while ignoring the math teacher.
Huggles for all =)

Monday, November 13, 2006

Itsy Bisty Teeny Weeny BLOG =)

Outdoor ed was sleep-through-able.
World issues was also sleep-through-able.
As was recess, apart from the complete freezing cold.
Photography was spent reading random blogs and the Dilbert Blog, and generally being bored.
Lunch was wasted listening to music and reading in the library.
English is currently being wasted reading, listening to music, and trying to decide whether this could possibly be my shortest blog ever.
Tootles =)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Blue Sailboat In My Head


If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me, and
Just forget the world?

Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol

I am officially in love with Snow Patrol. I'd only heard Run, and I thought, well yes, it's my favouritest song of all time, but maybe it was just a fluke.
I just got Chasing Cars (Thanks Mel!).
I love Snow Patrol.
I love this song.
It is so beautiful.

Let's waste time
Chasing cars
Around our heads

Best lyrics, those. I have them in my MSN name.

All that I am
All that I ever was
Is here in your perfect eyes
They're all I can see

I'm afraid I've become addicted to this song.
Ah well, tragic.

I don't quite know
How to say
How I feel
Those three words
Are said too much
They're not enough


I saw V for Vendetta last night.
Damn good movie. Only problem is, now I have to watch it again.
It reminded me of 1984, the world that was created, and the slogans...
"Strength through unity
Unity through faith"
Reminded me of 1984's slogans:
"Ignorance is knowledge
Peace is war
Freedom is slavery"

1984's are probably in the wrong order, and perhaps "Freedom is slavery" is meant to be "Slavery is freedom", but the general idea is the same.

It's a scary idea, in that it is so disconcertingly possible. 1984 is set, perhaps deliberately, in a land that is not identified as any of the countries in the world today. V for Vendetta is set in the UK. One of their slogans is "Britain will prevail", or "England will prevail" or something, my memory isn't great. Is it strange that I find that more reassuring than hearing the words "America will be victorious" constantly on today's news?
Perhaps it was generally accepted by the filmmakers that to set it in the US would be too close to the current and real situation...


I had to go downstairs to get dinner, and Bridie and Connor were throwing wooden blocks and toy trucks around and making heaps of noise. Then I came upstairs and had to help Freya set up this random palmtop-mac connection thing. Which totally ruined the nice, contemplative mood I had going there.
Bleh, also I'd kind of run out of stuff to say... But I'll come up with something.
Mmm, stirfry.


Yeah... I got up at about eleven this morning, because I stayed up so late watching that movie last night.
And then I ate and read the newspaper and waited for Freya to get off the computer till midday. Then I wasted time (chasing cars, around my head) talking to people who didn't want to be talking to me, trying unsuccessfully for about an hour to download Chasing Cars from LimeWire, before Mel sent it to me. (Thankee!)
Yes... talked to... people... but not for long enough. It's never for long enough.
Did a bit of English work, went to Body Balance, which had crappy music today, got back, and got onto this computer, after the little ones crashed it and couldn't get it going again.
And here I am.


Does anybody actually read the nonsense that I write?
Well yes, I know Mess reads it, and David says he reads it, and Jared and Lardo read it sometimes, and I think Jess does, too.
I suppose what I'm actually wondering is, does anybody read it, and find it funny, or interesting, or anything other than boring and meaningless?
What do I write? I write crap. I write whatever happens to me each day.
If I find my life boring, why should any of you find it interesting? What does anyone who reads this care about what so-and-so said in maths today, or how many bowls of noodles I had for breakfast today?
Is there a point to this blog?
I guess there is, in that I like to write it. It's like writing in a diary. But if I didn't blog for a month, would anybody apart from me notice?
Scratch that, I know at least two people would notice. But would anybody care? I doubt it.
I won't stop blogging. Because it's become part of my routine. When I have something or someone I want to avoid, I set up the laptop on my bed and sit and write for a few hours, lock myself away in my room, turn up the music, and cry, laugh, bounce or half-sleep while typing for two or three hours.
And I suppose that's it, really. It's my way to get away from everything, absolutely everything else. Because I'm talking to no one but myself, nobody will disagree with me or make me feel completely worthless. Except perhaps me. I don't feel like I'm wasting people's time, because it's so easy to simply close the window and stop reading, if the crap I write is boring you.
I concentrate on what I'm thinking, and don't concentrate on the work I'm supposed to be doing. I don't concentrate on the mess in my room I'm supposed to clean, I don't concentrate on those overdue English assignments, I don't concentrate on trying to make light conversation with people I'm having serious disagreements with. *cough* Mother *cough*.


Damnit, now I have a bowl of stir fry and I'm not at all hungry.


Hum ho. I'm just wondering whether there was anything that brought about that rant about bloggliness.
I doubt there was anything specifically relating to blogs that did it, that's not how my brain works. Something will make me want to rant, make me upset or angry or happy or obsessive, and I'll rant about whatever happens to float through my mind at that exact moment.
I suspect the whining rant was brought on by being pissed off at mother about the whole, no driving thing. Anyone who's talked to me in the past couple of weeks will know, I was really, really looking forward to getting that licence and actually feeling like I'd achieved something, but no. Mother doesn't trust my "mental stability". Well, fuck her.
She says, "I can't have you having a hissy fit while you're driving".
Well for one thing, they're not "hissy fits". Fuck. You'd think she'd pay attention to the flipping psychologists, even if she won't pay attention to me.
And for another, driving is not the sort of thing that would bring on one of those so-called "hissy fits".
I get anxiety attacks when I fail at something I know I should be doing well at. Or something I think I should be doing well at.
I don't expect to sit in the driver's seat of a car and immediately be able to drive, or even know how to start the bloody thing. I have never driven before.
It's something I would learn, very slowly, and I wouldn't expect to learn quickly. So I'd be learning slowly, which would be how I'd expect to be learning. So no "hissy fits".
But no, mother rejects logic.
So as you may be able to tell, I am not pleased with my mother, and she is not pleased with me.
We'll get over it, eventually, but right now I am severely pissed off.
Also, my leg makes a bloody useless mousepad.


Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo!!
This song is goddamned funny. XD
It's quite awful at times, but it's hilarious in that the euphemisms are so horrible. I mean, "quiver bone"?! You have to laugh at that.

So hypothetically
I don't want to beat around the bush



Caitlin's Lesson Of The Day:
Chopsticks do not go in eyes.


Anyway, I have work to pretend to do, so. I'd best be off.

Hugs for y'all.


Saturday, November 11, 2006

Stab. Stab, stab, stab.

People, people, people.
I spent almost the entire morning online, until the computer started being all retarded and screwy.
Yes, people, this DOES mean that it should now not crash at random moments! Hurrah!
And... I got Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo. And cackled madly at it for qutie some time =P
Bridie broke the mouse on the laptop and was chucking this huge spaz and I had to calm her down, being the only vaguely responsible person home. Yes, I can be responsible, but only in comparison to Connor and Bridie.
But yes... Went shopping... bought nothing, came home with the most horribly horribly painful back and feet and legs.
And mother says I can't get my L's till next year. Why? Because she has "concerns" about my "mental stability".
Y'all know how much I was looking forward to getting my licence.
She knew how much I was looking forward to it.
Stupid stupid stupid fucking fucktard of a retard.
But yes...
Caitlin is Super Dooper PISSED OFF.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Red Feet

It's been
One week since you looked at me
Cocked your head to the side
And said, "I'm angry"
Five days since you laughed at me
Said, "Get back together,
Come back and see me"
Three days since the living room
I realised it's all my fault
But couldn't tell you
You'd forgiven me
But it'll still be two days
Till I say I'm sorry

My god, I haven't heard this song in so long! I love it. So cool.
And smack, there I go, falling off my chair again. But I digress.
Awesome song. Funny song. One Week - Barenaked Ladies.

How can I help it if I think you're funny when you're mad?
Trying hard not to smile, though I feel bad
I'm the kinda guy who laughs at a funeral
Can't understand what I mean? Well you soon will
I have a tendency to wear my mind on my sleeve
I have a history of taking off my shirt

It's been
One week since you looked at me
Threw your arms in the air
And said, "You're crazy"
Five days since you tackled me
I've still got the rug burns
On both my knees
It's been
Three days since the afternoon
You realised it's not my fault
Not a moment too soon
You'd forgiven me
And now I'll sit back and wait
Till you say you're sorry

I make mad films
Kay I don't make films
But if I did they'd have a samurai

See? Funny, like I said.

Mmm, music.

Bittersweet Symphony! I LOVE THIS SONG!

Cause it's a
This life...

But I'm a million different people
From one day to the next
I can change

And and and and Don't Look Back in Anger

So, Sally can wait
She knows it's too late
As we're walking on by
Her soul, slides away
But don't look back in anger
I heard you say

Cause you said the brains I had went to my head

Hee... country moozix... Farnham was gonna run away when The Waifs came on when we were all listening to music at lunch today. Baaah...
But jyes... Dixie Chicks. Landslide. Super. Apparently it's "almost" as good as the original. According to mother. I haven't heard the original, so bleh.

Monday = Awwwwsum sawng! *sings, badly*

I'm alright
Get me out of FLA
I fooled ya
In school yeah
Now I know I made a mistake

Yeah, the lyrics aren't much to look at, but the music is super super super!
And and and I wanna get Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo, while I remember... but no internet, must wait till t'morrer. Bleh.
I've only heard it a couple of times, at Izzy's, but yeah, cool song. But I expect everybody in the world has heard it =P

Heheh, my piano teacher was laughing at people trying to be indy/indie/whatever this morning... heh... (Eee, if I laugh too much Miss Anna will hurt me =P)

And and and and and and and and SCAR TISSUE! Man, I love this song <3

Scar tissue that I wish you saw
Sarcastic mister know-it-all
Close your eyes and I'll kiss you cause
With the birds I'll share
With the birds I'll share this-a
Lonely view
With the birds I'll share this-a
Lonely view
With the birds I'll share this-a
Lonely view

And Run.

And I can barely look at you
But every single time I do
I know we'll make it anywhere
Away from here
Light up, light up
As if you have a choice
Even if you cannot hear my voice
I'll be right beside you dear

That is my favouritest, favouritest song, ever.

Light up, light up, as if you have a choice
Run - Snow Patrol

If you haven't heard it, find it now, buy it, download it, steal it, whatever, just get the damn song and listen to it.

Louder, louder
And we'll run for our lives
I can hardly speak, I understand
Why you can't raise your voice to say

Mm... music...

Major, major, major sore neck...
I found out how to read through old MSN convos on this computer, so I'm reading through the ones from when we had dial up and it worked on this computer... My god, I was an idiot.
La =P
Like more of an idiot than I am now. Seriously, seriously pathetic. If me now talked to me then, me then would get totally owned by me now.

All eyes
All eyes
All eyes on you

This song is sooo... like... whoah... dude. And like... whoa. Makes me feel dizzy... kind of...
If - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Offwards for teh moment. Head is hurting. Need to be away from the computer for a while.

But yeah... Watched TV and stuffs...
The soles of my feet are like, bright red...
Cause I was feeling weird this afternoon and I climbed out the window, and I was walking around on the roof, and the red tiles for some reason have this red powder stuff on them, so my feet were all red... but yeah, I went and sat on the non-powder-tiled bit and watched stuff... random stuff... like a twig falling out of a tree, and a leaf blowing along the street, and the cars on the other side of Woden Valley...
Bleh, I felt really weird, so.

But yeah, now I have red feet. Mnes... anyway, I'm totally exhausted, so sleeptime for Caitlin.

Avert your eyes, innocent pencil case!!


Hell yes!

But apart from that...

Also, I had like, the bestest science lesson ever t'day.
Poor Jared was all sleepy and resting his head on the desk... which is when WE ATTACKED!
With the hairdressing skillz PLUS SEVEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-TWO!
I don't think Jared will ever forgive either of us for that incident.
I think he walked away with tissues plaited into his hair (I'm sowwy! I know I said we weren't putting tissues in, but it was SO fun!!)...

But yeah, aside from that, the rest of today was pretty damn good, and we were listening to my music at lunchtime with Toby's magical lunchbox... it was like, portable speakers, but still!

Anyway, awesome mood, blog takes too long, so running away time.
Hugs for everyone!! XD

Transpositional Trivia

You've got a way with words
You've got a way that makes me feel so complicated
Your message meets the floor
The horizon meets you're hoarse and you're deliberated
I'm only clearing my throat
Don't you ever wish for just one thing you might never see
Don't you ever wish for just one thing you might never know
You might never know
You've got a way with words
You've got a way that makes me feel so complicated
A wall keeps you from me
You'd raise the door some just so you could find the key
The wolves are waiting
Don't you ever wish for just one thing you might never see
Don't you ever wish for just one thing you might never know
You might never know I'm underground
As the words just spin around and you hunt them down try to pin them to the ground there will be no sound as the words just tumble out and you won't be found by the time you hit the ground
You've got a way with words
You've got a way with words
You've got a way with words
(with words, with words, with words)
Don't you ever wish for just one thing you might never see
Don't you ever wish for just one thing you might never know
You might never know
(Dont you ever wish for, dont you ever wish for)
You might never know
(Dont you ever wish for, dont you ever wish for)
Oh you might never know

Lyrics from
Which seems to be the only lyrics site the school hasn't blocked. (?!!!)
Apparently they're blocked under the heading "entertainment". Fuck?! Entertainment is blocked?! Fuck school.

I got a brand new friend, he's a robot
and he is my man, and he's megawatt
he doesn't pretend
never lies, never cheats, never steals from me
I trust nobody else with my secrets I can depend on his sequence
Logical patterns i trust in his hard drive, relax, I can unwind
I got a friend, and he's a robot man (robot man)
I got a friend, and he's a computer man (computer man)
I know there are some humans who can't know
there is nobody so day-glow
constant companion, who knows all the action, can calculate fractions
And he is zeros and ones and i know this
He is not flesh and he can't kiss
But who needs humans when humans get angry and humans get ugly
I got a friend, and he's a robot man (robot man)
I got a friend, and he's a computer man (computer man)
I got the greatest friend, he's a robot
Always begins, just non-stopcomputer language, while making a sandwich, converting the average
And he is always such fun, and he's number one
He's taking the time and he can run
right through the night and he never sleeps and he never lies down
I got a friend, and he's a robot man (robot man)
I got a friend, and he's a computer man (computer man)

Those lyrics're from... here:

I like that song. Tee hee...
Blut blyes.
Bluber Bloredblom.
I bit my tongue...

Yeah, I have a blog for yesterday I'ma put up when I get home. Tis another of those I write on the laptop, put on the flash drive, and move to the mac.
But yeah...

Gr, mum was grumbling at me last night...
Dad was sitting there and talking to me, and he said something funny and I laughed, and mother comes in and is all, "I don't see what's so funny. Why do you always just lie around and do nothing? Why can't you get up and bloody do something for once?" and bitch bitch bitch, but hey. Bleh.
I just ignored her. Cause that's what I always do, and it works.
It's easy, anyway.

But yes...
Did You Know: That if you transpose the Ben Folds song Hiro's Song into C# major, then the last chord in the first segment of four bars long is all black notes?
... I had an interesting piano lesson.
My tutor teacher made cupcakes with pink icing for the entire tutor group! They were soooo nice! I like cupcakes =)

But yes... Boredom. Offwards with me.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

"I have an EYE SPOON!!!"

Ah, shite, a' cannae stop mesel' thinkin' in a wee bi' of a Scootish accen'. Tis no' righ' for a wee bairn like mesel' to be thinkin' soo mooch anywee, bu' tis made wurse by me thooughts bein' in this foonny accen'...
Gah, I blame not only The Wee Free Men, which as I may have mentioned, I reread recently (read it now), but also the mistake I made of sparing a glance for the TV when Billy Connolly (forgive the spelling...) came on. My god that man is funny. I swear, I'm going to assassinate that wife of his (I'm gonna send an assassin snail to bite her to death) and steal him. Shut up with your logic and pointing outtedness of how old he is! Not the point!
Damnit, my brain is still in Scottish accent mode.
Bleh. The only way to stop is to change it slowly to Irish, then Welsh, then a mild English accent, to the Old Upper Class Australian accent, to normal voice.
I got as far as thinking in an Irish accent before I got distracted looking for whisky and leprechauns.
Forgive me my cliches, I'm in a rather random mewd! Tra la!
Blame the milo. Mesquik. Both. Still wearing off.

T'dee, t'dee t'dee t'dee...
Japanese first and we went down to the hall and people tried to act.... bleh. I couldn't hear most of what was being said, and I wouldn't have understood it anyway - not the French, not the Indonesian (except I understood the word 'four'!), and not even the Japanese.
Maths was blehly boring. Passed that test, and the assignment, so that was all good.
I also ate the rest of my tin of nesquik. Well, almost. I was trying to lick the very last remnants from the inside of the tin at recess, and managed to cut my tongue in the process. Yes, I am talented.
But yes, as such I was so incredibly messed up and hyperactive during science that the teacher was going to call my mother and ask her to take me home; he thought I was on drugs. Well, drugs apart from nesquik.
I kind of was bouncing up and down with a spoon in my eye and a tin over one ear.
But that is entirely irrelevant.
Anyway, on the way outside for lunch, I fell down four sets of stairs, and Madeleine stopped me in front of... Ella, I think. I don' know all that lot's names. But like, yeah, she made me stop to say hi to this random girl and I collapsed on the stairs, and then I stood up again and Madeleine gave me milo, so I was even more hyperactive.
And then I couldn't walk properly so Jared had to steer me towards The Tree, and Toby was scared of me ^.^
He was like, "Put the milo down, put your hands on your head, and take two steps backwards"
But I wouldn't put the milo down, so he said I could just take the milo and take two hundred steps away. And then he said he was sorry cause I was being all "You're so mean!" and I wouldn't forgive him till he gave me a hug =)
Bwahah, I'm only a little manipulative.
But yeah, I wrote/attacked a piece of paper with a pen some in outdoor ed... some nonsense that I can't read now including the words "I have an EYE SPOON!!!", an' I'll scan that later.
Cause we were sitting outside on the grass and stuff. Bleh, probably were meant to be working, but hey. It was outdoor ed, and this is me, you can't seriously expect me to do anything.
My gosh, though! We had some guy practically trying to sell us drugs in World Issues! Some guest speaker meant to be giving us an unbiased education about the difference between zero tolerance policies and harm minimization policies, and he's all like, "Some of these drugs shouldn't even have been illegal in the first place!"
Okay, so perhaps it was an interesting change to have someone biased for drugs for a change, but like... I mean, I kind of agreed, and all. Tobacco is more likely to kill you than marijuana. Note that this is only my opinion and if you somehow manage to give yourself lung cancer with marijuana, you cannot sue me. Bwahah. Fear my legality.
Um... where was I... yeah, but like, I kind of agreed with his ideas, sort of, but like, I didn't agree with him being portrayed as an unbiased source of education, when he was clearly not unbiased, and also biased towards the illegal side. Bleh, who cares.
But yeah. Was sitting on the bus talking to Clare and waiting for the bus to go, and Toby walked past the door and went, "Are you... not high now?" and I went, "I'm not high!" and put up my thumbs, and Clare looked at me funny. Heheh ^.^;
But people are always looking at me funny =)

But yeah, all I ate today was a tin of chocolate hyper powder and two bowls of instant noodles.
But hey, my head's kinda in agony from being hyper all afternoon, and it's kinda late and I kinda have a piano lesson in the morning, so I'd better be offski.
Twootles to all, and remember:
Don't. Do. Milo.


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tin of Insanity

Huge blog is written! Huge blog is in my pocket. On a flash drive. That does not work on school computers. Or rather, the school computers reject flash drives altogether. Even the school-issued ones. But hey, shall upload when I get home.
In the mean time, blog of today!
Got no brekkie this morning, therefore Caitlin is hungry.
Saw Madeleine and Ryan this morning 'fore school, and Ryan is actually funny. (Shock, horror.) I hadn't noticed cause I was so busy with the fact that he's also a dickhead. But he's a funny dickhead, just for future reference.
Tutor group boring bleh.
Science = vaguer-ly intermaresting... lollipops for Madeleine and Jared, and two for me. And I made evil and totally unsubtle insinuations about Madeleine and Jared. Muahaha. >=)
Outdoor ed, we watcheded Dodgeball. Which I hadn't seen before! And now I have to see the rest. We got up to the bit where they win the game in LA where they have the hilarious uniform. Of course, maybe that's just me finding it hilarious. Perhaps my sense of humour is a little mean. But hey =)
Recess is a time that I do not remember.
World issues involved avoidance of work, again, and reading of Dilbert blog comments and check out the link I commentified into the last post... I think... If I remember right, it was an article about a 14 year old girl who was investigated, without her parents being notified, by like, secret service people, for creating a group on MySpace (land of sluts and emos, but forget that for the moment) called 'people who want to stab Bush'. Hell, I woulda joined, but this chick got all investigated and crap. Apparently it's an offense to 'threaten the president'. Well duh, they weren't threatening him, they were just fantasising about his death. Jeez, learn to tell the difference.
Lunch was gewd. Got lollies off of Rosamalind, then fell over backwards and lay in the sun for a while, listening to music, until Toby said I shouldn't be lying in the sun, for some reason I didn't hear (music music music music), and helped me up. So then I was all dizzy from watching the specks of light and stuff.
Photography. Bleh bleh bleh.

Sucker love is prone to swing
Prone to cling and waste these things
Pucker up, for heaven's sake
There's never been so much at stake

There's nothing here
But what here's mine

De de dee...
My cousin was listening to this song on the way back from Noosa, and then it was stuck in my head for ages, and now I have it, so that's all super-good and everything.
Except people keep calling me emo for listening to it.
Returds. =P

I like my P music. Goes, The Panda Band, Pink, Pink Floyd, Placebo, Powderfinger.
Moozikly moozik. ( ^-^ )
Um... headphones? ^^^^^

But yeah... looking forward to getting home, eating instant noodles (beef t'day. Num num junk food), and sitting at the computer, eating Nesquik from the Tin of Insanity with a spoon. Mm, hyper choccie powder.

English next, bleh, and I'm s'posed to do something about this whole, possibly-failing thing. Bleh. As if. I'm just beyond giving a crap about anything, even if I'm failing, I just don't care. I want to care, but I don't, and I'm too apathetic/lazy/stupid/stubborn to do anything about it.

Powderfinger. Good music. 'stralian band, 'pparently. Good, good...
And after Powderfinger comes Queen. Queen, Queen, Queen. Damn good music.

Here, quote from that article I mentioned:

"Her name is Julia Wilson, and she learned a vivid civics lesson Wednesday when two Secret Service agents pulled her out of biology class at McClatchy High School to ask about comments and images she posted on MySpace.
Beneath the words "Kill Bush," Julia posted a cartoonish photo-collage of a knife stabbing the hand of the president. It was one of a few images Julia said she used to decorate an anti-Bush Web page she moderated on MySpace, the social networking Web site that is hugely popular among teenagers.

My photography teacher is annoying Kelly. Bwahahah. Bwahah. Heh.
Also amusemental is Cass's shirt - "My anger management classes PISS ME OFF!"

Bleh! Teacher just tried to pull my earphone out and I kind of slapped him. Just a little. Not on purpose, just on reflex. Bah, his fault. Never, ever touch my music. Mine mine mine mine mine.


Tilt your head right instead of left, and it becomes mushrooms and tufts of grass instead of smiley faces and random arrows.

Bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh.
Yay =)
Bleh bleh.
Okay, perhaps I'm a little bored.
Bored and hyper.
Dangerous combination.

Wheee! Running away time! Huggles for all! =)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Con Sentimento



I blogged in some lesson or other... world issues, which was first, so that would have just been a Yesterday Blog...

Photography = bleh.

Recess = bleh. Don't remember it.

English = Bleh. Read newspapers. Wrote following:

"This afternoon...

Buy instants (noodles, soup, pasta) (((I got ten packets of Maggi instant noodles. I have four chicken and five beef left. I also bought a tin of choc Nesquik, as anyone unfortunate enough to have had to deal with me on MSN (Poor Pixie...) or GD (Poor Mess...) will know =P Hyper is fun.)))

Steal kettle from camper trailer (((I shall have to get a photo of that, to explain to y'all what exactly I'm talking about)))

Replace contents of desk drawer...

... with food. (((Haven't done yet, but I will do.)))

Get Gone, Zak & Sara and Carrying Cathy - Ben Folds (((I got Gone. I haven't heard the other two, but I like the lyrics and I have the piano music for 'em.)))

Eat stuff (((Tick)))

Big blog (((I'm working on it.)))

Eat some more stuff (((Good idea, me. Mmm, cheesey foods.)))

Read & listen to music (((Lis'nin' to music, will read once done with Teh Blog)))

Eat some more stuff (((Mmm, more choccie powder...)))

Possibly burn some of the junk on my floor (((Yep yep, done.)))

Eat (((I like food)))

Eat (((I really like food)))

Sleep ((I like naps, too.)))

Eat while sleeping (((Mmm... multi-task-a-licious...)))"

If you could step into my head

Tell me, would you still love me?

Of my few friends, who would still like me if they completely understood me? None, I expect. But hey. They won't ever completely understand me, not even I can do that, so I'ma thinkin' I'm safe for the moment.

And on that note,

There's another world inside of me

That you may never see

Bleh. That'll teach me to read sad and emo blogs all through photography. Bad choice for Caitlin, I spot too many familiar thoughts.

It's your fault, Lardo. I clickered the linkle to that Lizzy chick's blog and kind of read through all the archives kind of. Tell her she has a stalker, now. A stalker who thinks she is awesome and super and grumble grumble better than Caitlin grumble. And super! Though I may have mentioned that. =)

Anyway, moving on to the bigger things I wanted to talk about.

Wait, no. First, finish summarisational summary of today.

Yeah, anyway, that was Englishness, and then there was lunch, which was probably alright, though I don't really remember it...

Oh, wait, I remember Jared coming and sitting with us, and I wrote my blog address and email on Toby's hand (the email was so he can send me a gmail invite - yay for me! I wanna wanna gmail ness stuffz X.o) and my blog on Rosalind's, cause like... well, I was in the mood for writing stuff on people's hands. Which is why Jared had 'FORTY-TWO' written on his hand after lunch. =)

Yeah, Japanese was what it has been for the past few weeks - teacher seems a little tipsy all the time, I blame her crazy baby-baby-not-born-thingy... and also the fact that she's always been a little... shall we say... 'quirky'. Also, people rushing around madly, Tegan asking someone (or it might have been the other way around, twas all very confusing) whether they were lesbian, Coco insulting everybody, Tegan and Melissa dancing all lesson, and general noise and headaches.

Ye Olde Failage Class of Mathematics... bleh. I finished the test. I think I did pretty well, but I amn't sure. The rest of the class spent the last ten minutes or so in the gym watching the Melbourne Cup. I think those two Japanese horses - Delta Blues and Pop Rock or Rock Song or whatever it was - won. Meh, don' know, don' care.

Caught the Woden bus home, sat with Toby & Amy & Farnham-whose-name-I'm-probably-spelling-wrong.

Amy was mouthing questions at me and I was trying to shush her, and now I can't even say what the questions were cause cause cause they're watching me. o.O

Eh, nebbahmind that =P

Anyway, Amy had some time to kill at Woden, so she came with me while I bought noodles and nesquik (Bring back Ovaltine! Breeeng eeeet baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! *implodes), and generally was hyperactive.

But now she knows the two guys I've had crushes on this year and last, and she says I'm going to regret telling her.

Uh oh...

Bleh =P

Got home, tipped out cold coffee from the saucepan on the stove, rinsed said saucepan and made me some Stylish Basement-web-geek Food.... instant noodles XD. Tried to stop small children burning things and making noise and mess... Freya appeared to have vanished off the face of the planet, so I called dad, and he called Talea and Anna and went past Catherine's, and it turned out she'd managed to make her own way to work... so that was fine.

Internetted... Scared people with my hyperactivity... general pleasantness... mother decided that she wanted the song I was listening to (Into The West - Annie Lennox. Lord of the Rings song. Also played at Body Balance) played at her funeral.


Morbidity is bad for Caitlin. Bad mother, bad scary things to say. Bleh.

Anyway... Now to those bigger things I wanted to talk about...

Hm... I wrote them down somewhere...

Ah, here we are.

ABC's 50th

Body Balance/exercisational endorphins


National Geographic

Hum... Start with Body Balance, cause that's the only one I really remember what I wanted to say about...

Firstly: Summary of Body Balance.

I'm a member of Fitness First (Deakin), formerly Deakin Health Spa. Ever since I can remember, they've run the Les Mills something something program. I did plan to have the internet while I wrote this, and I was going to link the official site, assuming there is one. I'm sure if you google Les Mills and Body Balance you'll find stuff.

Body Balance itself is the only one of those classes I go to. It's a combination of tai chi, yoga, and pilates, and is made up of a tai chi warm up, yoga warm up, yoga leg strength, yoga balance, yoga hip flexibility, pilates stomach, pilates back, yoga twist, general hamstring and back flexibility (using yoga poses...), and meditation/relaxation tracks. They're called 'tracks' because each one lasts for one 'track' of music.

Body Balance is a great class, I love it, it's great for me, because there are different levels at which you can do it - and I always pick the most challenging one. And no matter how good you get, you can always push further. And that's a great thing in fitness for me. Body Balance has, for the most part, great music. If it weren't for Body Balance, I wouldn't have even heard of artists such as Moby, Sinead O'Connor, and Annie Lennox. And... shock horror... I wouldn't have Run. Snow Patrol. I wouldn't have that song if I hadn't found out the name and who it was by from Shirley.

Speaking of whom: Shirley is possibly the best instructor, of anything, ever. She's so enthusiastic, but not in a lame kind of way, and she explains everything really, really well. She's pretty darn cewl, really. She's tiny, and has this adorable American accent, and she's like, fifty, but she looks no more than thirty-five. Also, my finger is bleeding. Because that is a totally relevant thing to say.

But yeah. Body Balance is great. If you happen to find that your local gym runs it, take a class or two. It's addictive.

And on Sunday, I went from Body Balance, home, changed shirts and went on a five kilometre run. My god, I haven't run that far in at least a year, probably two or three. And I'd forgotten how good it felt! I've been so lazy for so long, I'd forgotten how great exercise makes me feel. It should have been obvious, really, with how hyperactive I get. Exercise is great, and it's all scientifically and stuff, all the scientisty people who never leave their science labs have said that it releases like, adrenalin and random chemicals like that that make you feel good. And it does. I've not run in so long, I forgot how great it is to just wander up to Oakey Hill and just run, and run and run for ages and ages and just... the noise is really good, thud thud thud of feet, and birds and horses and wind and breathing, and the lack of noise from other people, it's great, and I went out at sunset, and like, it was so nice. I really have to do it more often.

But yes. That be'eth my rant on exercise. And it's a positive rant on exercise! Shock! Horror!

I can't remember what I was going to say about the ABC's 50th birthday. Just that they were going through the major shows from beginning to now, and I recognised from Ballykissangel and Seachange onwards. Also, my mother went to school with Sigrid Thornton.

I also can't remember what I was going to say about National Geographic, just that there was an icky picture with a penguin's head on one side and then penguin insides and then the penguin's body on the other side. Icky.

Whaa... Listening to Come Together. I am totally addicted to this song and Strawberry Fields Forever, and I blame YOU. Or I could be blaming Edward. Either one. =P

And omigod speaking of that, I managed to semi-swallow a spoon this afternoon! Unintentionally and everything, but still! My gosh, it was kind of funny even though I couldn't breathe properly, cause I laughed so much at Edward when he said he'd just like, swallowed a spoon, or half swallowed one or something. Heheh, he wanted to be a "posture". You don't want to know what he meant by that. =P

But yes...

Storms was the other one. I think I was planning to rant and rave about how much I love them. There is nothing ever ever better than chicken soup or hot chocolate and a good book and music (laptop/other battery powered machine) and candles when there's a blackout and it's so warm and cozy with all the blankets and everything, and the wind is so loud outside, and everything's loud and cold and windy outside, and I'm inside with all my blankets and food and a book, seriously, it's even better than - shock, horror! - being online!! Seriously! I love storms.

Mmm... I smell chicken... however you spell that word. Frickissee. Or summin. Tastes damn good. Chicken, cornflour & milk kind of sauce stuff,corn, with rice and peas and stuff. Tastes damn good. And then I can use the left over sauce and chicken on a sandich for the next day's lunch. Yumness. I'm a huge fan of eating cold leftover's for the day after's brekkie or lunch. Very lazy of me, I know, but it's easier, and things generally taste just as good cold. Usually.

But the other totally awesome thing is BBQ chicken and avocado on French bread, on a pickernick with Teh Familiness. That's very cool, and something I've always adored.

Just randomly. =P

Where did my pet spoon go?! What am I meant to eat Powdered Hyper with if I don't have a spoooooooon?!!?!?!?!p?!I?!!?!?!e?!??!

"Hello Mister Random, I have a tin of Insanity, would you like some?"

Bestest lyrics to a song I have the piano music for EvArRRrararRRRr arr r *dance* ararARRar. Etc.


I thought I'd write, I thought I'd let you know

That the year since you've been gone, I've fin'lly let you go

And I hope you find some time to drop a note

But if you won't, then you won't

And I will, consider you gone

And I know that you went straight to someone else

While I worked through all this shit here by myself

And I think that you should spend some time alone

But if you won't, then you won't

And I will

Then I will, consider you gone

I wake up

In the night

All alone

And that's alright

The chemicals are wearing off since you've gone...

The days go on, the lights go off and on

And nothing really matters when you're gone

If you think that you feel nothing at all

If you don't, then you don't

If you won't, then you won't

And I will

Then I will

Yeah I will, consider you


Gone - Ben Folds.

Some of the lyrics repeat themselves in the chorus in odd ways that I can't be bothered working out.

But yes. Good song. Think someone should listen to it. Cough.

Bleh =P

Listening to too much Ben Folds right now. Not my fault. I got Hiro's Song cause it's my current piano song, and I got Evaporated cause it popped up while I was getting Hiro's Song, and I got Gone cause the lyrics were awesome. I wanna get Carrying Cathy and Zak and Sara cause the lyrics to them are awesome, too.

Also possibly The Ascent of Stan and Still Fighting It. Maybe Losing Lisa as well.

I haven't found my spoon, yet... maybe I can eat from my Tin of Insanity with a hairbrush...

As you can see, I'm a tad desperate to eat more of this powdered chocolate stuff.

There is a reason for that.

It makes me hyper.

And y'all know how I love being hyper!

Don't you know I'm numb, man

No, I can't feel a thing

And it's all smiles and business

These days and I'm

Indifferent to the loss

*blinks* I just realised how contradictory the lyrics I keep randomly sticking into this blog and my hyperactivity are.

Hell yeah for contradictions!


I saw a shirt today that said "Diamonds are a girl's best friend"

I want one that says "Computers are a girl's best friend"

Or "Music is a girl's best friend"

And and and and and Mess I HAVE heard of that Bryan Adams guy cause I just saw an ad for "Beer Songs: the greatest beer songs of all time!" and it said something something Cold Chisel something Bryan Adams something something something. AHA! You listen to BEER MUSIC!


I'm all good. =)

But you have good music taste cause I've recognised the lyrics of every song I've seen you quote... though that is admittedly only three, and two of them were in Shrek... Not the point! I can play Hallelujah on piano and it has FIVE VERSESE! And I know them all by heart! X.X and I can play Wherever You Will Go on piano and I love that song. But I don't think I know it all by heart... I might, though. I'm just not sure...

Wait, four, cause you mentioned Lying Eyes... I only rememberedededed cause it just came on. Also you mentioned Moby. Yayayayayay!

I guess every form of refuge has its price

Lalalalala la la la la lala lala

Lala la la la

You can't hide, your lyin' eyes

And your smile, is a thin disguise

Thought by now, you'd realise

There ain't no way to hide your lyin' eyes

Yes, I'm listening to country music. Don' diss it! Blame my uncle, too. Him and his damn CDs full of MUSIC, of all things!

She rushes to his arms, they fall together

She whispers, that it's only for a while

She swears that soon she'll be comin' back forever

She goes away, and leaves him with a smile

These lyrics aren't necessarily lyrics that are relevant to me, but they're still nice to lisnnenenenenen to.

She gets up, pours herself a strong one

Stares out at the stars up in the sky

Another night, it's gonna be a long one

She draws the shades

And hangs her head, and cries

... Okay, maybe I like those lyrics. Those ones. I like them.

Honey, you can't hide your lyin' eyes

Mmmm, yummy dinnerness....

Mmmm, yummy dessertness....

Bowl of yummy dinner and an ice cream later...

I, don't, wanna grow old!


Mooozaaaaaaaaeeek XD

This stupid tooth has been wobbly for like, five days, and it still won't fall out. Gawdaingit...

Yes, I still have baby teeth. () =)

This is like, my third last one, though.

And I somehow have half of each of my wisdom teeth... like, they're half... whatever that weird word they use is. "Erupted", or whatever. Always makes me think of... volcanos... ()=)

So, wisdom teeth before I've lost all my baby teeth - hen desne?

English: Weird, yeah? or Weird, no? or something along those lines. 'desne' or 'ne' is basically just asking for agreement, or noting that it's an opinion. So like, kawaii ne is like saying, "Isn't he/she/it cute?"

Like adding "innit?" after stuff! Though maybe only I do that...

But-yeah, stuff like that.

Bleh, I'm not a Japanese teacher =P

There's a reason for that.

Apart from me not knowing anywhere near enough Japanese and being too young, that is.

That reason is that I detest people.


Well, the sane ones, anyway.

Sane people are boring. Don' worry, if I've given you the url for this blog, I like you enough that you can't possibly be sane. Well, cept Rosalind. Sorry, but you're pretty sane =P Sane in an almost cool way, though. But only almost =P Bahahah, I'm a bitch.

Dun Dun DUN da na na DANANANAAA

The skies are turning little darling the storm's on the way

(There's a sotmr on the way now)

Nobody's gonna hear you cry at the end of the day

(At the end of the day now)

Music music muSIC

This is the place you end up

When you lose the chase

When you're dragged against your will

From a basement on the hill

And all anybody knows

Is you're not like them

They kick you in the head

And send you back to bed

Isolation pulls you past this

Tunnel to a bright

Place where you can make a

Place to stay

And everybody's scared

Of this place, they're stayin' away

Your little house on, Memory Lane

The mayor's name is Phil

His force patrols the bill

From the mountain of the shade

That advances every day

The doctor spoke a cloud

He rained out loud, you'll

Keep your doors and windows shut

And swear you'll

Never show a soul again, but

Isolation pushes you till

Every muscle aches

Down the only road it ever takes

And everybody's scared

Of this place, they're stayin' away

Little house on, Memory Lane

If it's your deicison to be

Open about yourself

Be careful or else

Be careful or else

I'm comfortable apart

It's all written on my chart

And I take what's given me

Most cooperatively

I do what people say

And lie in bed all day

Absolutely horrified

I hope you're satisfied and

Isolation pushes past

All patron guilt and shame

To a place where suffering's just a game

But everybody's scared

Of this place, they're stayin' away

Your little house on, Memory Lane

Your little house on, Memory Lane

Memory Lane - Elliot Smith

I think those are good lyrics. Again, not lyrics I really relate to, but I agree with them, and see the meaning and stuff, and they're clever. I like 'em.

Gr, Notepad has no spellcheck.

And there is no way I'm reading all the way through That... Bleh.

If my spelling is retarded, you should be able to guess things from the context.

Otherwise, just get over it. =)

Huggles for everybody, and I'm off to bed =) *hugs*

10.53pm, 7th November.

- Melbourne Cup Day -

Blog Of Teh Yesterdee

Becky was at school.
Apparently she called on Sunday to tell me she would be, and Freya neglected to pass on the message.
Freya fails as a secretary.
Lots of squealing and hugging in the morning at the discovery of Becky.
English, bleh.
Japanese, Becky and I filled out our year ten profile thingies... explanation is too much effort.
Recess involved talkativiness, etc.
Maths was retarded. I couldn't do the test properly cause squinting to read it (My glasses were broken yesterday, if you didn't know) was giving me the most retardified headache ever. But my math teacher says I can do it today, instead.
Lunchtime involved sitting behind the cricket pitch and Becky and I taking turns stealing Toby's hat and sunnies.
Science was fairly cewl. We got an in class assignment, but it actually looks really good. It's groupwork, which is normally a boo-boo for Caitlin, but I'm with Madeleine and Jared, who are awesome, so. It's not hideously boringly easy, but it seems reasonably simple, so that's good, too.
I dozed and talked to Becky through outdoor ed, which was super boring, as per usual.
Yeah... got home, mother yelled at me a bit cause dad had moved the arm of my glasses from where I'd left it, like that was my fault, but hey.
Went down to Wodenville and got the frame replaced. Took them ten minutes. Last time it took them like, a week and a half. But yeah, twas better this time.
Meh... computerededed for a while, got music, got kickelled off the computer by Freya...
Made dinner while trying to explain to mother that the AC cord for the laptop only actually provides power if you plug it in, and that yes, if you don't want to lose your work, you should turn it on at the powerpoint...
Nice dinner, anyway. Got that five minute spinach & cheese pasta stuff. Not even I can ruin that. Water, boil, pasta, boil, five minutes, drain, crushed tomato and herbs, instant yummy food.
But of course, Connor wouldn't eat it. Because he has no sense of taste, and refuses to eat anything green at all. Even if it tastes good. But at least he made himself some plain pasta and cheese, and more of the yumminess pasta for me.
I'm re-reading Terry Pratchett's The Wee Free Men. Awesome book. It's kind of aimed at like, twelve or thirteen year olds, a younger audience than the main Discworld series, though it is a book set in Discworld, apparently. I personally didn't notice that. But hey. Great book. Hilarious. I love Pratchett's style of writing and humour. And while The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is perhaps my favourite book ever, when it comes to how they're written, I prefer the style of the Discworld books. I've read... Pyramids, Soul Music, and three others I can't remember the names of right now. But they were good.
Eh, see? Somebody else spotted the fact that it could easily be set in simply a small village out in the middle of nowhere, rather than Discworld, neccesarily. The one thing I found odd was that the Nac Mac Feegle are basically Scottish (or so I'd assume, from the kilts, bagpipes, accents, and so forth), but they use the word 'eejit', which is Irish, so far as I know. But that's just something random I noticed. Possibly me being a tad too obsessive about words.
I want A Hat Full of Sky. Sequel to The Wee Free Men.
New book!
I want that one, too. Third book about Tiffany Aching.
Need book.
Bleurgh, must work.
I have like, a million topics I want to write huge long blogs about, so I'ma do that this afternoon on the laptop so I don't use all my internet time on it. Then when I get online I can copy-paste it from the flash drive. Coolness.
I's be's offski.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Here I Stand

There it is, wonderful peoples. Another two pages of handwritten and therefore unreadable nonsense. Enjoy =)


iTunes playlist from October 28th!
I've added since then...
Hiro's Song - Ben Folds (current piano piece)
Evaporated - Ben Folds
Every Me, Every You - Placebo
But yes, playlistliness!

And if you can't read that, you can probably read it on my photobucket. If clicking the picture isn't a link or anything, the link to my photobucket's in the sidebar, and it's under 'random'.
If you still can't read it, then meh. You'll get over it.

Friday, November 03, 2006

... No, really. I think we're lost.

Yesterdee, hm. Not much of interest at school, but on the bus home, this random blond year nine kid, who was sitting behind me and next to Jess, whose name may or may not be Josh (why are there so many cool people called Josh? It's confusing. "Which Josh?" - - "The cool one" - - "Which cool one?". Confusing, ne.) just randomly, while I was talking to Jess, went, "You have really cool eyes". And I'm like, blink, blink, "Thanks.". Bit random. But hey. So that was nice of the random kid, and I was all smiley for a while. Hehe, I adore compliments, but who doesn't? I just don't get them often, understandably enough.
But nyes. Not much interesting last night. Pizza was nice. I like pizza. I like food. Yumness, and stuff. Ooh, I know what I'ma do with osme of this random cash I have now. I can buy one of those huge packs of instant noodles! Squee-ness =P
But yeah... um... t'day. Pretty cool. Late for piano, but it was okay, cause Philip was late, too. I knocked on the door like, six million times, and each time he checked out the front window to see if the car was there, which it wasn't cause mum had gone to the bank to get money to pay Mr Piano Teacher, instead of checking at the door to see if I was there. So I kept knocking and eventually he got the message =P
But yeah, I arrived at the same time and nearly the same place at school as Jared this morning. So. Random "Hey"ness there and mini conversation.
Assembly this morning! Sweet fuck that was boring. I nearly fell asleep on poor Toby's shoulder, honestly. "Bla bla bla bla bla and in 1966 there was a brown and yellow uniform and bla bla bla".
Doooon't caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare!
Stupid school and its stupid fortieth birthday. And stupid dead guy's 150th birthday. Bleurgh.
But yeah, I missed math cause of it, which was awesome, and the band played Moondance, which was pretty darn cewl, even though the school started clapping out of time.
Science was bleh. I ATE THREE PACKETS OF POCKY IN ONE SCIENCE LESSON! My god, I was hyper. We looked at eyelashes under microscopes. Coolness.
Recess was bleh. Meh bleh meh bleh meh. I was Pocky Queen, and shared out The Mighty Pocky with my Dear and Loyal Subjects. =P
Outdoor ed longline was... interesting, to say the least. I ended up behind everyone except Edward (Not that Edward. Another one, who goes to my school - clearly - and did WEX at A&R with me. Fairly cool, and funny and the like, but I don't really know him), so we were walking and talking for a while, until we noticed that the rest of the class had vanished. But we caught up eventually... to Andrew, who was lying on the ground looking rather dead. And even then, we only caught up after defeating the 'orrible barbed wire fence of doomage (+7.2). We went round =p. But yeah, Andrew was all dead and everything, and Miss Atkinson ended up having to call Fitzy to bring up the school bus and drive them back to school. Mehness.
But yeah, lunchtime was pretty cool, even though I got back late from Red Hill. Sat on the canteen steps with Toby & Rosalind and that, and listened to randoms play an awesome looking blue guitar and sing. That was pretty cool. Got a free cupcake, too. Cool stuff and stuff. We were too cool to go to the actual lunchtime concert =p
But yeah. World issues was spent emailing various awesome people and reading random crap one random blogs. Not blogs of anyone I know, just random links of links of links type blogs.
Checking out random photos from the lunchtime concert, now. Offwards time. Tootles, people.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

... and don't ask questions!

My god, my head hurts.
Yesterday = meh. Blog has been handwritten and will be scanned and uploaded when I get home, under the date and time that it was written.
Today = bleurgh.
I hate outdoor ed. Hate it hate it hate it. Also I'm failing. Perhaps the two aren't completely unrelated statements...

Swear words go here. Lots and lots of swear words. The until-recently-awesome and now-utterly-retarded-and-stupidly-censored ABC has cancelled The Glass House, which is one of its best and most popular programs. Because they're fucktards, that's why. There have been accusations that the show has been cancelled cause it's too anti-Howard, under the whole new anti-bias policy for the ABC, but comedy programs are meant to be exempt from that.
See part of the article here. There was actually about three paragraphs more, but they're not there for some reason. They were in the paper, though. With a good quote from Bob Brown. Random Greens senator guy, seems to have good ideas.
How are the good people of Australia supposed to survive the crappy government without the comedic relief of Wil Anderson, Corinne Grant, and of course, Dave 'Hughes-y' Hughes?
And there are rumours that it'll be picked up by a commercial station. Well, if it is, I know I'll watch it on another station, but it's really an ABC show. The ABC is where it belongs, it's the good ABC comedy, but if this is the sort of show they'll cancel, then clearly the ABC is changing for the worse. Big growls from Caitlin here.
But moving on from that, and speaking of TV, The IT Crowd last night had some very, very funny moments... That guy who doesn't have the glasses whose name I don't know is hilarious. I don't like the guy with the glasses so much, he's irritating, but not funny. Whereas the other guy is vaguely annoying in an endearing sort of way =P
Possibly because he reminds me slightly of Bernard Black, of Black Books. Best show ever, I swear. But Father Ted comes pretty close. Funny thing is they both involve alcoholic Irish men and used to be shown on ABC. Fortunately they weren't cut by a retarded and censoring editor-in-chief (a new title for the ABC... idiot, grrr), but simply finished, and ran out of seasons to show. Or in Father Ted's case, the main character's actor went and had a heart attack. Jeez, some people, where's the dedication? Stopping acting just cause you're dead? No excuses!
Yeah, anyway, that's my TV rants done for the day, apart from an honourable mention to Ten's Thank God You're Here, for having a scene with a science experiment involving marijuana. Wish I had that guy as a teacher =p

World Issues now, and bleurgh, cause we're not really getting anywhere. Possibly due to my blogging instead of working during lessons, but that isn't the point. I have photography longline, so I may blog again then. Then English, and I might find out whether I passed that random in-class essay we had. I don't think I did too badly, but I somehow doubt Madeleine did too well... having not read the book...
Japanese last, and I just had the horrible feeling I left my book at home. After actually taking it ou, of my own free will, and finishing up some class work... Yep, no book. No pencil case or pens either. Crapness. At least I remembered my iPod... Music solves nearly everything. On a micro scale, anyway. On a macro scale... governments with brains might help things a little.

This is the second day in a row I've finished writing a blog at 11:11am. I like 11:11. Awesometime. As Freya says. But yes. All gewd, and Caitlin ish bore-ed now.
May actually do some work now...
Tootlays =)