Monday, May 26, 2008

Older and Younger All At Once

So, uh, hi.
It's been a while.
Since April, apparently.
Grarr my monitor is doing some horrible shadow thing.
Life has been going goodfully. Before I blog on, I was going to scan some bloggish thing I was writing in maths but the scanner is in use, so I shall just type it up and hope it isn't too horribly long.

This stupid teacher marks us as 'absent' if we don't do enough work in class. If I get any more absences I'll v-grade and not be able to get out of here early. So I'm scribbling here w/ my book open and occasionally tapping on a calculator.
Okay, the things I have to do to finish early:
- ToK essay (now)

- English essay (Fri.)
- ToK oral (Wed.)
- English oral (oh shite, check due date)
- Maths in-class (Fri.)
- Any drama theory from now on
- Anything from psych. - corss-line testing?
- WEX in wk 10
- Give blood
- What else can I do as back-up?
Also, ew, I need new glasses. tjese are so icky.
But yeah, all of that list is do-able, and then I can get out of here in six weeks ^_^
And then I can move to Melbourne with Andrew. I'm excited. I think I'll be able to do it. I wouldn't on my own, but Andrew helps me to do anything I want to.
Woo. Deb (student services lady who is orchestrating this great escape for me) came in and I signed the thing saying I wasn't doing the AST. It just makes everything feel much more real =)
So does talking to Andrew about housing options. The idea of owning a house with him is exciting. I mentioned Melbourne to Stuart on MSN the other night. He said, "I'll be interested to see how long it takes you to come back." I know a lot of people probably think it's a rash decision, but I won't die or anything if it doesn't work out. I can always come back here to my family.
Mmm... in lighter news, Skye's having a party tonight =) It means that Andrew will get to meet Maddie before she goes back to New Zealand. Plus I can take my camera and get a bunch of photos to fill my photo album with =) It's a pretty photo album that Skye bought for me. Also I really need a party to relax in. Not that I really relax at parties.
Well, I relax in my own way. Which is by... not relaxing. By watcching everyone else get trashed and then taking care of them.
I'll have to scan this, put it on my blog along w/ a bit of an update, and get back into this whole bloggy thing. It's a good outlet for the overflow of thoughts I have. Of course, so is Andrew, but he's not always with me, and I like to write down thoughts.
Ooh, speaking of internettage - - an awesome nerdy and cute webcomic look into the life of a rare creature - the female engineering student. If you like xkcd, chances are you'll like Wasted Talent.
Whee! Now to find some other way to waste the last few minutes of maths.


So what's all this about Melbourne, you ask?
Andrew has been thinking about moving to Melbourne to work, and he raised the topic with me with the sentence, "I want to move to Melbourne for working, but I would have to leave you behind, and I don't want to leave you behind." So I said, straight up, "I'll come with you, then. Provided you want me to."
So after the two of us basically saying it casually, we thought about it. Andrew has been looking into housing (which appears to be a hell of a lot cheaper than ours here) and I had been readying myself to live without him for a couple of months because he would likely move down there pretty quickly after the end of this semester, and I would have had to finish school. And then Deb suggested I do accredited instead of tertiary, because that way I can get out of school, which is really not working for me, without dropping out as such. Which really kills two birds with one stone, in that I can now finish school and then move with Andrew whenever he does. Yes, I have thought about this properly, thank you very much. No, I have not yet raised the issue with my parents. I'd rather wait till I finish this term of school so that neither I nor they are worrying about school on top of it. Also by then, Andrew and I will have been going out a little longer and the parents will hopefully object less to the "But you've only been going out BLA long" side of it. Anyone who's seen Andrew and I together knows why we're so sure of ourselves as a couple.It's just right, it just works, without even having to think about it. But of course we don't spend a lot of time together in front of my parents, so they may not have seen that... it'd be good if I could spend a couple of weeks living with Andrew in Canberra, just to sort of check it out a little closer to home, but y'know.
Ooh, also in handy and nice news for me, I am about 2/3 of the way to getting my Ps.
I have 13 out of the 22 competencies from the lobgook marked off, leaving nine to go. So this means I will have my Ps by the time I finish school, which frees me up a hell of a lot, makes working easier (I have a job! I will get to that shortly), and may mean that I can stay over at Andrew's on weeknights more easily. This is joys for me :)
Then I just need to learn how to drive Andrew's Car. I can drive auto, I can drive manual, but Andrew's Car, she is a special creature, I will have to gain her trust before she will let me drive her.
But yes, a job! I look after a couple of kidlets on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, and will soon start teaching them piano on Wednesday afternoons. This should get me about $60 a week for 5 hours work. Now, they live gloriously close to my house - our streets basically come off opposite sides of the same more major street. But I would get paid more if I could collect them from school in a car, which I can currently not do. So, Ps would help with that.
What else...
Oh, Skye's party :)
It was pretty darn good, but I forgot my camera. However, one of the other people there had a camera and I'm in a couple of photos along with Maddie, Skye and Andrew, and I think also one of Mandy, so I am sending pokage via people in an attempt to get this person to upload the party photos to facebook, and then I can steal them... for my collection... mwahahah... :)

So uh yeah
That's basically what's been happening.
And I feel so much better than I've ever done before.
I feel older and younger all at once.
I feel safer, more confident, I can rely on myself more, but at the same time, I feel curious about the world again, I can try things out, I am not constantly apathetic and lethargic.
Life is good.
Certain aspects are meh, but in general it is good and in Andrew terms it is wonderful. Even school's not so bad now because it's nearly done and I have something to work towards.
Yay :)

Will hopefully keep up with updating a little more for a while longer before I forget again and then remember again with another burst of words.

Ooh, also Andrew builded me a puter! Which I am using now <3