Thursday, May 24, 2007

101 Things to Do With a 'Worm Thing' (And Six With a Can of Condensed Milk): A Camper's Guide to Randomosity.

On Tues-dee-ay my drama class and some random English class went and saw the Bell Shakespeare production of Othello at The Playhouse. It was... hm. Having seen the Bell Shakespeare Romeo & Juliet last year, I may have had my expectations raised unfairly (it was awesome), but Othello didn't seem to have quite the sparkle that Romeo & Juliet did. The lady playing Emelia (Desdemona's maid) was really good, as was the guy who played Iago. I think they did more for the play than Desdemona and Othello. That's not to say that Othello and Desdemona weren't good, just that Iago and Emelia were even better. But yeah. Having not actually read the play before seeing it, and just having a vague idea of how it went, I quite enjoyed it. It was well done. But it wasn't absolutely incredible and amazing, which is what I've come to expect from the plays I've seen =p Maybe it's just that the sparkling atmosphere wasn't there, because when I saw Romeo & Juliet, that was at night, and when I saw those other plays with Anne and Greg at the Street Theatre, they were at night. There is something beautiful and exciting about nighttime that makes me wish more people had my sleeping patterns :P

Yesterday was quite a good day. The bay was open, which was good, we bummed around in there doing not a lot, eating and talking and whatnot. I missed the first half of line seven and lunch :( because I had a doctor's appointment, which yes, went quite well, thank you. The second half of line seven was pretty fun, basically more sitting around and chatting (and having my back drawn on, thank you Stuart :P). But yeah, that was fun, and I went and bummed around Woden with Isaac after school, then came home and did nothing at all :)

Today was good. I was at school by 8.30 as usual, though I've no idea why as I didn't have to be there till 12.05. Line seven was spent being bored and reading and knitting, and then Amy and I went and killed time in Woden, which was awesome. Why was it awesome? Because Amy is one of those people who can make a trip to the bus stop exciting and funny. So we trekked our way around Woden in a generally pointless manner, and had a whole bunch of fun and some random conversations along the way.
Then theory of knowledge, and then an appointment with my new psychologist. Some of you may have noticed I haven't been entirely sane (or too happy) lately. This is not because I have got less sane, or less happy, but simply because I have lost some of my acting ability and you've just started noticing. Actually, yeah, I have gotten slightly less happy, but I can't think of a single reason for this (I can, however, think of multiple small ones). But yes. I had a psychologist for a while last year, and I did not like her, though I'm not sure why. And I got a referral for this new one yesterday from the doctor, and I seem to be able to get along with her considerably better (though that isn't really hard).

Anyway, stuff is pretty good for me generally.

This weekend is going to be awesome ^-^ Whipped cream! Sparklers! Marshmallows! WORMM THINGS! And... crippled fiiiiiiish!!
You guys rock, by the way ^-^

Monday, May 14, 2007

Look, crap.

name? Caitlin
birthday? 23rd January.
height? Dunno. Short =(
weight? Round about fifty-five, depending on whether I've pigged out recently or not.
eye color? No clue. Either green or blue, depending on who you ask.
hair color? Light brown.
hair length? Meh, pretty medium right now. It can get quite long quite quickly, but I'm thinking about getting it cut shorter.
religion? Nuh.
mental problems? Shut up. Out of my head, right now, no nosing around my mind.
medical problems? Not that I know of, apart from being semi-blind.

On to the currents...
current top? Blue strappy-sleeved one.
current bottom? My old jeans! I love them. I'm sorry new jeans, but I just can't let go of these old ones. They're comfier than trackies, for frying out loud.
current jewelry? Er... my watch, I guess. Earrings? But they're just sleepers, nothing special.
current nailpolish color? None.
current shoes? None =)
current book? Thump! - Terry Pratchett.
current song? Stoned - Dido.
current tv show? None.
currently talking to? Jonno, Anna, Rosalind, Graham. (Well, talking at that last one...)
currently thinking of? So much that I don't want to share, and so little that I do.

The lasts...
last person you hugged? Hm... Amy, I think, and Ryan before that and Skye before that. And Stuart before that and Skye again before that.
last person you thought of? Have a guess. Go on. It should be pretty easy if you know me. Actually, no. It's not the obvious answer...
last person you fought with? Heh. Depends how you define 'fought'. If you mean 'poke wars' or 'shoelace stealing', then Ryan. If you mean actually fought? I don't know. I don't really fight with people...
last person you talked to? I'm talking to people now. Apart from people I'm talking to now? Amy.
last person you had dinner with? My family?
last person you sent a message to? No phone :'(
last person you sent snail mail to? Probably my nana.
last person you cried over? Heh. Go for it, guess. This time it IS the obvious answer =(

color? green
food? Skittles, totally. Or pie.
fast food? Mm, I dunno. Pizza... good pizza.
restaurant? I dunno. I don't go to restaurants. Ooh, wait, I know! The one they had at school last term =P
desert? Desert? Um, I dunno. I'm not too into deserts, myself. Dessert, on the other hand? Mm... apple pie, with vanilla ice cream ^-^
ice cream? Anna's answer was "cookies & cream". My response is, "Ooh, SO yes! Cookies & Cream ftw XD"
candy bar? Mm... I dunno. I'm not hugely into candy bars. Usually I buy Skittles from the vending machine, but they're not candy bars. Just candy.
holiday? Summer holidays, they have Christmas and my birthday (I may do philosomaphy, but I'm all for the acquisition of material goods =P)
season? Mm... spring. Or summer. Or autumn, for the leaves. Eh, I don't know.
month? End of November/December. The feeling of relief at the end of the school year is indescribable.
number? Dunno.
band? No idea.
song? Run - Snow Patrol.
lyric? Dunno. I have so many ones I like. Probably 'Light up, light up, as if you have a choice', at the moment.
job? Favourite job? I wouldn't know.
candle scent? No clue.
soft drink? Lift or Fanta.
karaoke song? Karaoke: Just Say No.
bar/hang out? Hang out? Oh, SO the Bay ^_^
shoe type? Um... nice looking and comfy?
shoe brand? No idea.
actor? Meh.
movie? Monty Python and the Holy Grail!
actress? Meh.
salad dressing? Eww, salads? Healthy = no.
tv channel? Hehe, ABC ^-^
tv show? No idea. I don't watch a lot of TV.
old school tv show? Meh, don't know.
board game? No idea.
hard candy? That was a movie.
flowers? Lilies.
animal? Bonobos ;)
pet? I don't have a pet :'(
cartoon? No idea.
comic strip? WEBCOMIX ^_^ - Questionable Content =)
book? Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
markers? Hm?
medication? Panadol is my friend.
shampoo? Huh? It's all the same.
fictional character? Faye, from QC :P
air freshener? Dunno.
health bar? Hehehehe- no.
mall food? Gelato! From Gelatini!
mall store? Ooh, so Socrates or Tree of Life. Or Angus & Robertson...

first kiss? Shhh ;)
first boyfriend? None of your business, mm.
first pet? Teh kitty.
first best friend? Leisha. Haha, yes, THAT Leisha! Anyone who went/goes to Deakin and/or Lyons will know the one :P
first cellphone? Haven't had one, haven't got one :'(
first crush? None of your business =p
first broken heart? None of your business, yet again. This time without the little happy tongue-pokey-out face.
first real relationship? I have yet to have a REAL relationship. Oh, I've been out, but a "real" relationship? Oh pfft.
first time? First time what? () =)

foundation? No. Eww, you know those people with the metric fucktonne of orange foundation? So, so gross.
eye shadow? Mm, occasionally.
mascara? Mm, usually.
eyeliner? Occasionally.
lip gloss? Occasionally. Usually just lip balm, rather than actual gloss-stuff.
lipstick? No.
nailpolish? Rarely.

Dream on....
dream husband? Heh, no clue.
dream career? No idea... I don't even know where I want to go after college.
dream name? No idea.
dream pets? Kitties. Lots of them.
dream home? Somewhere in northern NSW/southern QLD.
dream award? Oh, totally a participation certificate.

craziest friend? Crazy-giggly-taker-over-er-of-the-world? Amy. Crazy-hilarious-mass-murderer-of-males? Skye. Music-crazy? Anna, if I could claim her as a friend =p Actual-crazy? I know exactly who I would list there, but it might be mean...
funniest friend? Gah, no idea >.< class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_0">sooo...
most spontaneous friend? Heh, Skye or Amy.
loudest friend? Hm... I dunno. I'm probably loudest in the group. Apart from me? Well, Maddie can get pretty loud. Brenda can, in that grating-on-your-mind kinda way.
friend you think would end up hiding a body? Heheh, predictable answer? Skye, she'll hide the bodies of all the men in the world that she kills. Except I don't think she'd hide them... Ryan probably wouldn't hide bodies, either, he'd like, prop them up on the sofa or put them in people's beds to scare the shit out of them... I think Amy would hide them.
would you help that friend hide a body? Hell yes =p
friend you can talk to for hours? Any of them =)
friend most like you? Various people in various ways. Skye in the randomness, Ryan in the craziness, Amy in the tendency to say things that majorly freak people out.
friend you would marry? Any of them! ^-^
hottest friend? Heheh. Unfortunately only the girls in my group are hot, and I can't pick one of them without upsetting anyone :P
most adorable friend? Oh, so Amy. Just because she's so tiny! And she bounces! Like a little pixie!
most obnoxious friend? I'm the most obnoxious in the group. But any of us could be obnoxious if we took any of our quirks too far.
most caring friend? Most... hm... Ryan or Skye. Ryan is an obvious and wonderfully helpful kind of caring. Skye is a subtle kind of caring who you don't realise is supporting you until you randomly start crying on her =p
friend you'd do anything for? Any of the ones I'm particularly close to. Skye, Ryan, Amy... Probably Maddie, Stuart, anyone else who I talk to, really.
friend with the most drama? Heheh. Skyyyyyeee :P Though Amy does undramatic things with drama.
friend you had benefits with? Oi, awful question =p
friend thats the biggest tease? Tease? Tease as in making fun of people jokingly tease, or tease as in...
are you friends mostly guys or girls? Guys, but the kind of guys who always end up in large groups of girls.
would you die for you friends? Oh yes.
where did you meet your best friend? Which one? Becky and Izzy have been out of state so long I've kind of lost that closeness, and I haven't been at college long enough to really have made best friends... all the people I would consider best friends have their own best friends already.
where did you meet your 2nd best friend? See above.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My Feet Like Each Other - Aww!

Yes, I am sorry boys (is it just me, or is everybody who reads my blog male? I'll have to get Skye to read it to even it up a little... she's worth multiple people :P), I have not updated in a little while and will most probably not update properly again in a little longer. Just stuff going on in my head, that wants to be thought about silently and not out loud. I have no more words that want sharing, but more will come eventually. In the meantime I am still replying to comments and whatnot, and you may discover clever comments from a clever random on the last post that are good for reading.
I had a surprisingly good day today, except for the bits (say, 60% of it) that sucked.

Oh - and the job interview went reasonably well, thanks to all who wished me luck, and to those who continue to wish me luck. The guy doing the interview was freaking creepy, though, and half the buttons on his shirt weren't done up. Ew. He smelled damn weird, too. Bleurgh.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

50 Decimal Places.

So... school. I'm V-grading ToK and English. Not going to enough classes. I told mother about it last night and survived. She coped remarkably well.
I'm going to have to talk to student services and see whether there is any way for me to save those subjects. ToK especially.

I dropped in an application for a job at the newsagency in Woden on Thursday, and got a call yesterday asking me to go in for an interview on Monday. Yay combination of excitement and nervousness. I might have a job! Shock! Money! Wow!

Jess' Fun Factory party was awesome ^-^
There were like, three pairs of fuzzy handcuffs and some kitten ears involved =P
Hehe, Iddle Jess-ums is only fifteen...

School yesterday was meh.
I went to maths like a good girl, which was a LOT of effort. Really. After not going to a lot of classes for a long time, forcing myself to go to maths was difficult, but I was one lesson away from V-grading, so... so I made myself go, and got lectured by the teacher almost to the point of tears. The maths that I missed out on by not going is (most horrible, fucked up coincidence of all possible coincidences) the year eleven version of the maths that I missed out on last year by not doing any work and not listening. So it's going to be damn near impossible for me to catch up, but hopefully I will be able to beg some help off someone.
Drama was pretty bland. We sat in a circle and watched people walk around, and then... shock, horror: took notes from the board! Apparently next double we go to Woden and stalk people. Sounds interesting...
I spent my line off sitting around with the other people who had line two off, and fighting for Ryan's shoelace, which Amy (awesome hippie girl from drama and ToK - have I mentioned her?) tried to help me steal, and which Lachlan came past and yoinked out of our hands, curse him.
Lunch was, uh, interesting. Discussions were had about kinkiness and killing - thank god, not in the same sentence - and general stuff that I can't remember was said. The usual stuff along the lines of "CRIPPLED FISH!" and "Awkward Silence Turtle! *mad leprechaun giggle*".
We played Sardines, which Jess does not know. Sardines is that game, right, where one person goes and hides, and then everyone goes to look for them. If you find the hide-er, you join them in their hiding space, and keep quiet. If you find the people who are hiding, you join them, until all but one person has found their way to the group of hide-ers. That last person to find them is the first person to hide in the next game. Our version was slightly different. It consisted of Ryan, Skye and me going and lying at the top of the stairs and calling randoms and hanging up. It wasn't as interesting as it sounds, but apparently seeing one head and several legs sticking up/out of the place we were lying in was amusing.
Psychology was another boring taking-notes lesson, but I think I'm almost V-grading psychology as well as maths, so I can't miss any more of them.

Bleurgh... I am thinking.
I am thinking about other people.
Other people and their lack of money, and how they can possibly be so stressed out about it, when they still have more money than my entire family put together.
And how maybe it's just a loss of freedom thing, to suddenly not have money to throw around. As Skye said when I was talking about jobs: jobs are money, and money is freedom.
I'm thinking about whether I understand or not. I want to understand, if I'm allowed to.
I'm thinking about why other people are thinking about certain things.
I'm wondering what other people are thinking about certain other things... namely, me.
I am thinking... in very general terms, so as not to let randoms know who of the people I know is thinking about what (people who know me well or know the people I'm talking about, may be able to guess. But not randoms, so all is good).
But basically, I am thinking.
I used to think all the time. Non-stop. And then I just, stopped thinking. And I hadn't thought, properly, about anything at all, since about halfway through year nine, maybe a little after. And I've been working to get myself thinking again, and suddenly here it all comes back, and I'm thinking all the time again. It is surprisingly good to feel my mind actually doing something with itself other than making origami snails and eating them (papier escargot!).
So, I am thinking.
Be proud of me.


While I'm stealing comics...

Oh, my god. Roleplaying robots? Roleplaying as humans using computers? Lame? Just a little?
Freaking hilarious, nonetheless :P

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I'm sorry guys, but...

Copyright Thievery!!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Heheh... "Meez"...

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