Thursday, September 13, 2007

I played you a song but I eated it... wait, no...

Welp, it's dodgy quality recording and out of tune piano, plus it's sideways because blogger doesn't seem to like portrait-oriented videos... but it's Moonlight Sonata nonetheless.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Had to share this =P

Isn't Biff adorable? ^-^

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Agh! Ninja Zombie Bug!

.oooO ...........
..(....).. Oooo...

Look, feet. They are cute :)

There's this freaking ninja zombie bug that won't die and it keeps sneaking around and then appearing right near my ear and buzzing REALLY loudly.
I swatted it with the relax segment of the Canberra Sunday Times, but about two minutes after it twitched and stopped moving it was up and going again.
I am armed with a rolled magazine.
Stay back!

Welp, I am too lazy to put up photos from Friday night so I'll just link to my bebo and everyone can look at them on there.
Bebo = Here (Click Now)

My neck is killing me.

I am avoiding like, six assignments by blobbing around online. I totally rearranged my bebo and followed links everywhere to all these random places and random people's bebos and probably crept them out majorly :P

Hum, what is there to say?
I have:
ToK Journal: Thursday
Drama minor prac. project: Friday
Drama essay: Friday
Psych. oral: Friday
English essay: Don't Know When
ToK oral: DKW
ToK essay: DKW

... seven.

And I like, haven't slept. In a bazillion years. (Minor exaggeration)

Jess has promised me she will make me a blogskin. With swirly patterns like the one here. I am excited :)
I have html for various widgets that I want to have on my blog but don't want on the main page because they take too long to load if you're not interested in them. There are three or four of them.

I is silly. I is sitting and daydreaming about my boy. I loves him very much. He is sweet and kind and really lifts me up (both metaphorically and physically - evil boy keeps throwing me over his shoulder and making me giggle ^-^). He's always there when I need him, and he's funny and clever, and wonderful at music. And anyone who knows me knows that I adore musicians =p He puts up with my random episodes of anxiety or depression and doesn't complain, he just stays and helps me till I'm okay again, and I feel so much better so much more of the time now that I have him. We've been going out for three months and three days, and he is my world. I love him more than I've ever loved anyone or anything else, I trust him, I respect him, I appreciate him, and I always will. Hearts to my darling magician, Stuart. <3

Know who else is awesome?
Skye. :) Caitlin hearts her Skye-bunny <3
Skye is superful and the best friendy friend anyone could wish for *nod-nod* She sticks up for all her friends and - *random moment* I got the ninja zombie bug! I got it! WOOOOOO! - is absolutely hilarious. She has the most adorable laugh ever! Tee hee! It's like an evil leprechaun! It's cute, but scary :P Skye is superful, and will always be one of my bestest friends :)

Maddie-bear is also awesome :) She is totally my fiancée ;) and we are definitely going to get married one day :) She is my pen-pal during maths and the best story-writer ever (Spanish, albatross, milktruck!). Maddie is really fair and non-judgemental and she'll always look out for people she likes, and sometimes for those she doesn't. She's one of the kindest people I know, and will also always be one of my best friends :)

(Jess and I are the best at making up acronyms to waste time on MSN. We never run out of retarded things to make acronyms for, and I am never getting over that "Some Day I Will Do Your Aunt In A Truck" one!)
Jess is awesome and clever and funny and the bestest at making blogs ^-^ She has yet to come to any of our parties, though! We must simply kidnap her and drag her along to get trashed sometime :P Caiti-pie Hearts Jess-poo For Ever <3

More awesome people that I am too tired to write reasons-for-awesomeness for include:
Freya and her friends
Grace (underwear buddy!)
Kelly (best sister-of-boyfriend ever ^-^)
and probably a whole bunch of other people who have slipped my mind for now because my head is killing me and I'm sleep-deprived.

Caitlin loves you all, because you are all awesome :)

And now, I think it is time to crash.

Nighty nights :)

Sunday, September 02, 2007

zzzz: Limited Edition, Extended Version. *Only Available Online!*

This may be a bit rambly and/or distracted.
Because I have slept six hours since Friday morning.
I am a wreck.
But a very happy one.

I spent forty hours straight with my boy over the weekend :)
Friday night had a party, and that was super. Apart from Kelly being sick and emo kid passing out multiple times, it was awesome. Everybody seems to have had a good time. I certainly enjoyed myself, which is rare for me at a party :P It was really awesome.

Who was there.... Hm...
Jared/however his name is spelt/Filby-guy.
Emo Kid/Brendan
Two emo looking people whose names I don't know.
Heff's housemate Jimmy
A lady whose name I don't know who seemed to be somewhat attached to Jimmy

Kind of in order of arrival, but more in order of who left last (and thus who I remember most).
Those who stayed for Saturday night:
And then Ash came back later in the night, and so did Keith and Hobbit.

Hayley drank too much on Saturday, but at least she wasn't as bad as Kelly was on Friday night >.>

I have photos on my bebo, I'll get around to moving them into my photobucket and then either linking that or posting them on here some other time. I'm out of time now.
Course, if you have my bebo you can see them on there.

Nap time.
Dead Caitlin.