Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Contentment > Pants.

Caitlin is bored, blog time!

Welp, not much has been happening lately - hence my boredom - but despite the lack of anything particularly exciting, I'm feeling pretty damn good.

Reasons that I would normally not feel good that for some reason (not pointing any fingers =p ) are not affecting me:
- Maattthhs! It bores the crap out of me! And we have some tedious assignment about the stock exchange! BLUGH!
- Psychology is also boring the crap out of me and we have an assignment.
- School in general is sucky.
- I have to audition in drama because for once I want a good part instead of always being the boring unnoticed background role.
- I miss Maddie and don't see enough of anyone else who is still here apart from Skye, and even then, time spent with her is never enough =p
- I am sleeping awfully.

Respective reasons why these things in particular don't really matter:
- Even if it's boring, it's easy as all hell and thankfully, so long as I don't let it mount up, should be simple to do.
- Same here for psychology. Plus, the essay topic's not too bad and should be relatively easy for me.
- Meh. It's school. It's meant to be sucky.
- Psh, if you want something you have to work for it.
- I can talk to everyone on the phone and on MSN, even if I don't see them.
- For some bizarre reason I'm not really needing much sleep at the moment, and a lot of my particularly sleepless nights are sleepless because Andrew is with me - best possible reason not to sleep.

I've been on an almost constant stream of good-mood-ness since the beginning of January. I mean, there have been upsets, but they're the right kind of upsets - I get upset BRIEFLY and then get over it quickly. This is a vast improvement on the way I've been since about year eight - getting upset over nothing for long periods of time and working myself into depressions.
And, I don't know, there's just been meh-ness. Since about year eight, I don't think anything triggered then apart from teenageyness, I've been kind of lost and confused about everything. I've been completely up and down - and while the highs were rather exhilarating, they felt hollow because I know a low would be coming, and the lows were dreadful - I've been confused myself, not really knowing who I was or anything about myself.
You know, people ask you about yourself and I would always be like, "I dunno." and then list flaws. But I think that's always been something that would be temporary; that just needed something to trigger it to end. For me that something has been Andrew. In him I discover everything I had loved and let go of - music (playing it and listening to it), photography, general madness, confidence, drawing... and a whole lot of new things.
The way I am, if somebody is enthusiastic about something, I tend to catch that enthusiasm. Andrew has introduced me to enjoying cars - though not knowing anything about them, that would be too much effort =p - to new wonders of the internet =p, to the power of not really caring what strangers think of you, and to the joy of knowing someone who really, REALLY gets you.
So yeah, I've been reminded of everything I used to do that made me me. I've been reminded that I can create my own world, pull in all the things that are important to me and weave them into who I am. I've been playing guitar, actually learning, and playing more piano. I've been drawing again, though still not much as I have also been doing things that I should - like walking the dog, making dinner, keeping up with my schoolwork - that take time. I've rediscovered the delights of spare time, and also of just sometimes not having it.
It's like a huge rush, and this great feeling of, "Oh, right! THIS is me! I remember, now!"

Anyway, yeah. Been feeling good. Got myself a deviantART, if you feel like checking it out here
, put up some of my better oldish photos, plus one or two newish ones.
And yeah... don't gots too much to say but 'Mmm...'
Contentment is so highly underrated.
Even more underrated than pants are overrated.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Caitlin's Commandments:

1. Anyone who likes the 'red' flavour (you know the one) is an infidel and must be shunned. Very shunned. (... with knives.)
2. Just because there is no reason to use such an extraneous or superfluous word as 'extraneous' or 'superfluous', does not mean one should not use said words. In fact, bonus points to those who do.
3. No. Just, no.
4. MySpace is a sin that sends you to... waiting for Firefly fans to jump in and beat me to the quote I'm about to use... A very special kind of hell. The kind of hell reserved for child molesters, and people who talk in theatres. NO MYSPACE. Everytime you create a myspace account, Caitlin stabs a midget. Please, think of the midgets.
5. Stop mocking me for being a freak. "Yes, I'm a freak, but I have rights!" (Oh swoon, Bernard Black, have my babies!)
6. Thou shalt have no other god but me... and also the following: Dylan Moran, Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, any member of the Monty Python team (including any dead ones), a pleasant computer of your choice (if, however, it is shite, you will be smote [... smoten, smited, smitterised, I don't know]), Maddie, Skye, Andrew's happy-noise-joy-car-yay, or Andrew himself. Everyone else, not for worshipping. Or else... another midget bites the dust. And dust isn't very tasty, so we wouldn't want that. THINK OF THE MIDGETS!
7. The following items are holy: Pie. Pi. Instant noodles. Cupcakes with good icing. Especially good toasted sandwiches. Sex. Snuggles. Pillows. Bricks. Any combination of the last two. xkcd. Randomosity. A collection of obscure and extraneous/superfluous/for-those-of-you-who-are-not-walking-dictionaries-'unnecessary'-or-'irrelevant' words. Clear contact - the kind for covering books. Particularly comfortable, attractive, and cheap shoes. Also my lot. By lot I mean collection of random friends, family, and people-I-don't-know-but-maybe-if-I-did-I-might-like-them-and-maybe-we-could-be-friends-if-it's-not-too-much-trouble...
8. And lo, the Lord Lady declared that there were to be naps and joy, and there were naps and joy. Because naps are good. And joy is good. Fetch me my ice lolly.
9. Be polite. Always wear clean underwear (or none at all, if you are so inclined.) Don't judge. Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself. Always have clean bedsheets. All of those kind of things. Otherwise, you will die bitter and lonely, upside down on the floor of a pub toilet.