Sunday, February 25, 2007

Furry Sea Slug (Not A Euphemism)

Well, I spent the weekend and Broulee, and the only sand I touched was on the tennis court. And other than that, I didn't leave the house once. I sat around reading trashy novels and playing guitar instead ^-^ I can now play the chorus of American Pie by heart, as well as some random Spanish song and the funny little squeak notes from the beginning of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.
Well, when Adair booked the apartment thing, she was given a choice of 8 or 9. She chose 9. So we were settling in and watching TV when the owners of apartment 9 turned up. Apparently the real estate agents weren't actually meant to have rented it out. So the agent guy turned up, gave us the key to 8, grumbling all along, and said to go and see him in the morning, when he wasn't so grumpy. He said, "I was just about to go to bed, you know.". Well, so were we, and it would have been fine if you had given us the right freaking apartment in the first place. But we got a discount when it came to paying and he offered a discount next time we book through that agent, too. So.
Anyway, the children spent most of the time running to and from the shops, wasting money on lollies.
If it's possible for guitars to feel jealous, my poor guitar will have died of envy. Uncle Nigel has a new guitar, see, and was teaching me, and his guitar is amazing ^-^ It's it's it's beautiful, and the strings are soooo smooth, and it's so easy to press down the strings, and it sounds, so, so good, and and and it can work as an electric guitar as well as acoustic and and and mine is good, and all, but the strings, ow, pain. They're rough as anything and damn near impossible to hold down. It was just so much easier to play Nigel's. Anyway, as I'm back home my guitar is in use again, and my fingers have almost finished toughening up. They still get great ditches in them after I play for a while, but at least I can't really feel them anymore.
Anyway... nobody's online, and I'm feelink like retreating to my room and doing nothing.

Oh, and the furry sea slug is this random wrist rest we got. It's all flobbity doowhatsy and squishy, but it's got this furry sort of skin stuff on it. It is not some sort of god-awful euphemism. Bleurgh... *shudders*

Friday, February 23, 2007

OMG Zombie Jesus!

Today is the best school day evarr:
Maths first, we spent the whole lesson mucking around with the calculators.
Double drama - first half, we ran around screaming playing some random name, and everybody got nicknamed for some reason - Hayley was "Swan", Rosalind was "Stripey", I was "Angel", Anna was "Skeleton". Strange names, but a fun game.
Second half we did this random space game, where you have to invent a room, and move around it while doing something, like, creating an imaginary kitchen and making breakfast, and the audience calls out if you do something wrong - like if you act like there's a bench somewhere, and then walk through it. Or if you leave the imaginary fridge open. It was awesome :P Morgan walked over the top of an imaginary swimming pool, and then dropped the imaginary sausages in it, so Lauren dived in, put the sausages in her pocket (Shuddup, don't you dare take that the wrong way) and Morgan somehow became Jesus, used an imaginary table as an imaginary toilet, and was kicked out of the imaginary house. Clarissa also at once stage put one of her guests into the imaginary fridge - on purpose =P
Anyway, now tis line 2, and I have line 2s off. Then lunch, then line 2, then psychology.
Only, I'm going to the beach :P
Twas somehow decided yesterday that I was going to Broulee with my aunt's family for the weekend, so, I don't have to go to psychology. Instead, Adair is collecting my brother and I at 2 o'clock, and we're heading down to Broulee. How awesome? Very awesome.
So yeah, been playing lots of guitar and re-killing my fingertips. They'd gone tough and numb, but then they went all delicate and weak again when I didn't play for a while, so now they hurt. But tis all good. Music is worth sore fingers =P
Anyway, must be off. Bags to pack, and all. Everybody enjoy their weekends ^-^

Monday, February 19, 2007

I feel like pizza...

Check out my awesome drawing skillz.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Le Blah.

I be's both horribly stressed out by maths and wonderfully hyperfied by drama.
I am also delightfully confused in a very good way by ToK and painfully bored by English.
Photography is okay. The only one of my friends who was left in Canberra and going to the same college at me this year is in that class, so that's great.
Psychology is okay, except, you know, there are the good American accents and the bad ones, and my psychology teacher has a bad one, and it's like drilling holes in my head with a seashell. No idea where seashell came from, but it just is.

So there, for the people who keep asking how school is going, is what I think of Canberra College classes so far.

I'm too bored and tired to blog properly.

Stolen from Anna's Bebo Blog

How many people it takes to change a lightbulb from Canberra schools:

Canberra Girls Grammar - One. She holds the bulb and the world revolves around her.

Narrabundah College - Two. One to change the bulb and one to figure out how to get high off the old one.

Canberra Boys Grammar - None. Those poor bastards are keeping their backs to the wall even if it means standing in the dark. Quote : "If you can't get a girl, get a Grammar boy"

Lyneham High - None. They're all too drunk to notice.

Daramalan College - None. In a perfect school nothing breaks down.

Radford Collage: Just one. We're talented, we can do drugs, sleep with people, save the world, cure world hunger, get A's and take care of a light bulb.

Belconnen High - Six. Four to break into the store, one to steal the globe and one to install it.

St Clares College - None. It is too unsafe for pregnant girls to attempt such dangerous task.

St Edmunds College - Five. One to install it, and four to tally the number of times he says fuck or talks about rugby while he's doing it.

Merici College - One. She'll put through a call to maintenance staff because there's no way she's going to do manual labour.

Yass High School - None. That hole looks better in the dark.

Bruce CIT - Five. One to change the globe and four to discuss its benefits to future vocational training.

Lake Ginninderra College - Six. One to change it but only after the other five have found an interpreter to translate the English instructions.

ANU - Seventy six. One to change the globe. Fifty to protest the globe's right not to change and twenty five to stage a counter protest.

Canberra School of Music - Forty Three. One to change the globe and 42 piece orchestra to accompany him.

Queanbeyan High - Five. One to change it, and four to go to Go Lo for new booner attire to wear for the occasion

Alfred Deakin - None. None of them can see through their long hair

St Francis Xavier - Five. One to change it, two to make sure her hair ribbons are still in place and another two to make sure her bag looks cool at all times.

Karabar High - Five. One to change the bulb and four to complain that a school of their stature was ever built in Queanbeyan.

Cooma High School - None. Everything not welded down had been flogged long ago.

Dickson College - Fourteen. One to change it, one to throw the old one at the CIT students and six Italians and six Asians to kick the crap out of each other in the meantime.

Marist College - Three. One to put in a formal complaint about the imposition, one to change the bulb and one to make the observation that it isn't half as bright as the light shining from their arses.

Goulburn High - None. Everyone is either suspended or wagging (including the teachers).

Lake Tuggeranong College - Thirty One. One to change the bulb and thirty to paint interpretive murals about it all over Civic.

Stromlo High - None, they dont bother, it's just going to get stolen or broken anyway

Batemans Bay High - Nobody bothered to ask because nobody cares about Batemans Bay

Melrose - Thirteen, one to flog the new light bulb, one teacher to have used the old one to light his bong, and 11 to have the bongs ready to celebrate once the new light bulb is in.

Monday, February 12, 2007

White Rabbits and Letterbox Frogs

Well, college is going fairly awesomely.
Today, for example...
I had drama first. The guys were running around on eachother's backs screaming things about damsels in distress and farmers on pins.
Then I had photography, and that was okay, even though it just consisted of gluing stuff into books. I got to sit around and talk to Martin and Kat while not letting Martin use my scissors, which is always fun.
Then during recess/line 2 I wandered on up to Woden, but the library had no free computers, so I sat on a bench and started reading Sophie's World (by Jostein Gaarder. Go find it and read it, now. Seriously.) , which is an awesome, awesome book. Read it now. Now now now. Now.
Anyway, wandered back for PG and maths. Maths was okay, still doing matrices. Fun-fun. Multiplication of Matrices, and whatnot.
Then zere vaz lunch, and the random invitations to "steamy lesbian sex", as well as conversations about things I really wish I hadn't overheard. Also the guy trying to be all death-metal-ness with an electric guitar that wasn't plugged into anything, screaming, "Saaataaaan's... toenaaaails neeeeed cliiiiiiiiippiiiiing!! Saatan's tooooenaaaaails!!" repeatedly.
Theeeennn.... English. Which was boring.
Then ToK, which was pretty damn awesome again. Just, awesomeness.
Then... wandered home. Painted a bit. My room is now almost greenified. Then will come the whiteness, and then the blue. And then there will be awesomeness, and lots of photos of said awesomeness.
And tidiness! Room is almost tidy! Almost.
But yes...
Must be off, now.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Whizz, Pop, BANG

I had... English first this morning. It's continuing to look absolutely tedious, but hey.

Psychology second, which was slightly better than yesterday, and we were in groups and stuff. Doing all this boring 'getting to know you' stuff.

I sat around with Rosalind's weird friends at recess. They're weird and for the most part I don't like them. Some of the year twelves in that group seem okay, though, but year twelves consider themselves better than year elevens, so =P

Photography was pretty boring, we drew diagrams and checked out some of the stuff in the darkroom.

Maths was okay. It's like, matrices type stuff. It was really complicated-seeming, but the questions were really easy, so... that was odd.

I had line two (which has no class on it, for me) after lunch, so I wandered home during that time, stopping past the library and getting a new library card and a book on the way. Went home, ate some stuff, read a bit, and wandered back to school for drama.

Oh, man, drama! It was soooooo awesome! We played this weird game which involved shouting 'whizz', 'pop', and 'bang', and people screaming and laughing and falling over a lot, and it was AWESOME and and and WOW and I love it! ^_^

But yeah, now I'm beingk kicked off the computer, so. Yaaay! *hugglies for all* ^-^

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

So... Garage sales, eh...

We actually had classes today. Which was pretty damn cool.

First up was drama. I came into the room to discover a circle of mostly barefoot teenagers and one slightly deranged but enthusiastic looking man with hair that was either grey or a very peculiar shade of black.
Now you know you're gonna be in one of those awesome drama classes when the girl next to you is wearing black stockings with a yellow dress, and... and... rainbow gumboots. ^-^ Hugely varied class, which is awesome.
Also they have a blue sofa on the edge of the room >.>

Then I had a free line and then recess, in which I got to sample the canteen's delicacies - that is, reheated pies and a Lift from the vending machine.

Maths was after that, and it seemed like a pretty good class, even though they want us to buy $150 calculators.

Then there was Theory of Knowledge, aka ToK, which was cool. Literally. It was freezing. It was also four flights of stairs above ground level, at the top of what seemed to be a tower.
But it seems like a pretty cool class, really. The teachers're still working out how they're gonna run it, though. So, I'm not too sure which of those classes I go to. But hey.

After that there was... um... can't remember, now. Ah, photography. Some random girl sat next to me, and apparently she knew the teacher. Poor her. The girl, that is. The teacher was somehow both mean and boring at the same time. -.-"

Then there was Psychology, which the teacher was late for, and which was the only un-air-conditioned room. As in, it was boiling hot. And the teacher's voice was really nasal, high-pitched, and loud. So my head was really sore by the end of that, but it looks like it's going to be a pretty good class.

English was boring. Class is full mostly of the idiots from Deakin. Teacher is either a man that looks vaguely like a woman or a woman that looks a lot like a man. Bleh. Oh well.

But yeah. It's boiling hot. I'm going to overheat and die, now. Too-ra :)

Monday, February 05, 2007

Chemical Marshmallows

Weeeeeeell! College!
Righto, so I got up this morning at - shock, horror - something like seven thirty.
Got ready and stuffs, but I had to take two bags cause my folder thing is too big.
Arrived, was directed through a crowd of people trying to get hold of their time tables, ID cards and information stuffs.
Then followed the crowd to the hall, where we listened to a strange story that was apparently about priorities.
Squeezed through miniscule passageway to get to tutor group, what they call 'pathways group', or PG.
Ate a super cookie of yumminess at recess.
Squashed back into PG room only to discover that we were meant to be in the hall. Again.
Squashed back into hall with a bunuch of similarly confused students and teachers.
Somehow ended up back in PG at midday.
Wandered up to mother's work where I drank their entire water cooler. One cup at a time, of course. I'm not greedy =P
Wandered off with mother in search of a bag that would fit both food and books. Failed in that quest.
Wandered home, and am here now.
I'll scan my timetable later.
I'll put up the blog from Broulee later later later. It's really long, and it's taking ages to type up because it takes too much effort.
Oh, yes. The girl next to me in PG is also called Caitlin, and her middle name is Freya - Caitlin is spelt the same way as my name, and Freya is spelt the same way as my sister's. Randomness.
Cookie cookie cookie.