Monday, December 01, 2008

Songs Which I Know By Their Ad-Jingle-Cousins

INXS's By My Side is 'the NRMA song'
Creedence Clearwater's Heard It Through The Grapevine is the Sultana Bran song ("sultanas from the grapevine, make sultana bran taste so fine, sweet tasty sultanas from the grapeving, tastes so good I want it all the time")
Creedence Clearwater's Down on the Corner is the Makin' Mattress's song ("Quality items, always for less, factory direct is how we buy them, here at Makin' Mattresses!")
Hoodoo Gurus' What's My Scene is the "That's my team" song ("and another thing, I've been wondering lately, if I'm a bit crazy, for my rugby league team")
Andrew is going to kill me for these, but honest, there is nothing wrong with it! :P

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